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Wrath of the Gods
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Season 2
Number Episode 10
Date Aired March 30, 2012
Writer Steven S. DeKnight
Director Jesse Warn
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"Wrath of the Gods" is the tenth and final episode of Spartacus: Vengeance. It is the twenty-ninth episode of the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline[]

Dwindling supplies and a superior Roman enemy brings the rebellion to its knees. Spartacus must restore hope to his people, as they careen towards their final confrontation with Glaber's army. 


Oenomaus, wounded from battle, speaks wisdom to the rebel army.

Spartacus and most of his followers stand on the mountain paths of the lower slopes of Mt. Vesuvius pondering their next move. Some of his followers attempt to ambush several Roman soldiers guarding the mountain, including Ashur and the Egyptian mercenary. The ambush fails but some of the rebels, led by Spartacus, arrive to save their companions and a battle breaks out. Mira is killed by Salvius who throws an axe meant for Spartacus. Angered by Mira's death, Spartacus and Nemetes get into a fight where Spartacus places blame for Mira's death on Nemetes. The German, however, counters by saying Spartacus led them to this and at least Mira died a warrior while the rest of them are left to die more ignobly.

Mira's death.

Meanwhile, Lucretia and a pregnant Ilithyia travel to Mt. Vesuvius where Ilithyia has a conversation with Glaber that convinces him that Ashur was working with Seppia and Lucretia to kill him, and Glaber asks Ilithyia to murder Lucretia. As Lucretia and Ashur talk, she notices Ilithyia and understands her look before smiling as states she looks forward to their marriage and kisses the surprised Ashur before she leaves with Ilithyia. Glaber soon confronts Ashur about his supposed treachery and bribes Ashur's soldiers to betray the troublesome Ashur and then forces him to go on a suicide mission to prove himself, confronting Spartacus and his followers alone and bargaining for their surrender.

The Rebel Army atop Vesuvius.

Meeting the rebels, Ashur reveals Glaber that Spartacus will be killed upon them surrendering him and they will be spared but would once again become slaves.

Ashur's end

The rebels briefly consider Ashur's offer but it is declined when Nemetes speaks up and states if he is to die he will do it as a free man as the rebels cheer in agreement. Seeing their loyalty, Spartacus tells Ashur that he has his answer and begins to depart. However, Crixus stops him and suggests that they execute him and send his head back to Glaber as a "reply" to the Glaber's offer of surrender. Ashur looks to Spartacus for help but the latter agrees with this as Naevia stops and convinces Crixus to allow her to fight Ashur.

After a protracted duel, in which Ashur initially holds the upper hand, Naevia wounds him and decapitates Ashur. Spartacus comes up with a plan to ambush the Roman encampment. They weave rappelling vines and Spartacus, Agron, Crixus, and Gannicus descend down the mountain behind the Roman guards.

The Rebels blindside the Roman legion.

At the bottom of their descent, they kill the surrounding soldiers and take control of the siege weapons to set fire to the camp and leave the roman legion in disarray. Glaber organizes his men and has them confront the four rebel leaders with whom he lock eyes with before ordering his men to kill them. As they charge, the rest of the rebels led by Oenomaus join the battle, blindsiding and attacking the romans from the side. Spartacus and the other leaders then join the fray.

Ilithyia's death.

Meanwhile, Ilithyia is about to push Lucretia (who was discarding her red wig) from the ludus' balcony when her water breaks and Lucretia is forced to help Ilithyia deliver her baby. However, Lucretia leaves briefly and returns covered in blood, clearly unhinged. After killing the last of Ilithyia's slaves, Lucretia cuts Ilithyia's newborn son from her womb and commits suicide by jumping off the ludus' cliff with the baby in her hands. Ilithyia, witnessing all this, collapses and dies from shock and a large loss of blood.

The Egyptian meets his end at Gannicus' sword

The battle between Glaber's forces and the Rebels in the forest rages on until glaber notices the rebels are winning and orders his forces to retreat. Noticing this, Spartacus shouts to his army "Press advantage ! And see victory ours !!!" which has many of the rebels cheering in agreement and chasing after their enemies back to the temple while the others deal with the soldiers in the woods. Gannicus advances on the Egyptian mercenary but is thrown to the ground. He is saved by Oenomaus who growls at the Egyptian, "I owe you pain", punching the mercenary in his stomach. With that, Oenomaus gets Gannicus to his feet and they simultaneously battle The Egyptian and Roman soldiers. They land decisive blows on their enemies however despite their teamwork the mercenary briefly gains the upper hand with Gannicus being knocked to the ground and Oenomaus fatally wounded from a stab to the abdomen. This enrages Gannicus and spurs him on to break free of nearby Romans and charge at the mercenary, who he manages to overwhelm and kill by hacking his head almost in half. Afterwards, Gannicus runs to the dying Oenomaus who says that he goes to his wife's arms and they will embrace him in the afterlife as a brother, he takes his last breath and dies in Gannicus' arms.

Back at the Temple, Glaber is attempting to order his men to maintain their position until the rebels climb the wall and attack the romans showing no mercy to their enemies. Spartacus soon notices Glaber and begins to move in on him killing any roman or mercenary standing in his way as he does so Salvius tries to stand in his way but he is killed when Spartacus stabs him and bashes head in revenge for killing Mira.

Glaber's death by Spartacus.

Spartacus then engages Glaber on an evenly matched one-on-one sword fight. Ultimately, they end up in a struggle, with both holding each other's sword hand with their other. Glaber proclaims that he will not die by the hands of a "fucking slave". He nearly succeeds in killing Spartacus out of sheer rage. The rebel leader catches his arm and defiantly states "I am a free man!" before stabbing the Roman in his stomach. The surviving rebels who have finished killing the remaining Roman soldiers pay witness as Spartacus forces Glaber to his knees and states "The Roman finally learns his place before us..on his knees." Defeated by his archenemy, an angered Glaber says the Rebels have won nothing, vowing that Rome would send legions after them, and that one day soon, the rebels would fall to deserved end. In response, Spartacus retorts "Perhaps, yet it is not this day" and, with memories of his wife going through his head, he thrusts his sword through Glaber's mouth and down his throat. The dying Glaber falls to the ground and drowns in his own blood as he finally dies.

The Rebel Army cheer on Spartacus after their victory.

Spartacus looks upon his fallen enemy's corpse, satisfied at obtaining his long awaited vengeance. He turns to his followers, who were left speechless after Glaber's proclamation. Spartacus telling them: "Let Rome send their legions, we will face them and see all follow Glaber in death." The surviving rebels proceed to celebrate their victory in the destruction of Glaber's legion. Spartacus grasps hands with Agron and then with Crixus. He tells them that it is time for them to become an army. Excited, the gaul joins the celebration as the rebels proceed to cheer Spartacus on.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]



3.Gaius Claudius Glaber








Ilithyia's son


11.The Egyptian






17. Agron








  • This episode sees the second greatest amount of deaths of main characters; Mira, Ashur, Oenomaus, Lucretia, Ilithyia and Glaber were all killed.
    • The only episode to surpass this one in number of deaths is the season three finale, Victory.
  • Gannicus and Spartacus' newfound respect for each other forms into a budding friendship, which will be a main focus in Spartacus: War of the Damned.
  • Spartacus' remarks about Glaber's defeat, mirrors the same speech Glaber retorted to him in The Red Serpent, only this time it is reversed in a show of irony.
  • According to Mira, many weeks are passed since Monsters.
  • The wall of the temple that was destroyed by one of Glaber's catapults in the previous episode had been reconstructed.
  • Licinia's laugh can be heard (if you listen closely) when Ilithyia dies.
  • Nemetes' dislike of Spartacus' ways of leading the rebels, foreshadows the tension to come between them in Spartacus: War of the Damned .
  • With the deaths of Ashur, Oenomaus, and Lucretia, Crixus and Naevia are now the only main characters to appear in all three seasons and the prequel.
  • This is the only episode in the series in which a sex-scene does not take place.


Oenomaus: "A man is never too weak, or too wounded, to fight... if the cause is greater than his own life."

Spartacus:"The Roman finally learns his place before us-–on his knees."

Glaber:'" You have won nothing. Rome shall send legions in my wake, and one day you shall fall to deserved end." Spartacus:" Perhaps, yet it is not this day."

Spartacus:"Let Rome send their legions. We will face them, and see all follow Glaber in death."



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