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First appearance S1E08: Mark of the Brotherhood
Last appearance S1E08: Mark of the Brotherhood
Profession Lanista
Race Roman
Relationships None
Status Unknown
Actor/Actress Robert McCulley

Vibius is a Roman lanista active throughout Capua in the large arena as well as the smaller venues in Damascus.

Character Outline[]

Vibius is of average height, appears to be middle-aged and has short-curly graying hair. He wears an attire akin to someone of his status, but has a more humble feel to him.

Blood and Sand[]

Vibius is a lanista from Capua. He is not held in high esteem by other lanistas or gladiators, such as Solonius, Batiatus and Crixus. Solonius refers to him as a "toad," while Crixus states that his gladiators are "shits and mongrels."

Batiatus was planning to sell Crixus to him as it was believed that Crixus would fare better in the lower classed fights to allow him to recover. Crixus, however, saved Spartacus from death and as a result the deal was severed. Despite Ashur's warnings of the deal already having been done Batiatus dismisses it as nothing.


  • Vibius may be related to the Roman Gens Vibia, a tribe of Etruscan origins with members in the Roman Senate and the Ordo Equester.
  • It was mentioned that Vibius planned on taking Crixus to Damascus upon purchasing him. The city of Damascus, in 73 BCE, was a Hellenistic city and was still part of the declining Seleucid Kingdom in Syria.


Naevia (to Crixus): "Ashur has been sent to market for herb; and to question Vibius on his interest toward you." Crixus (in response): "Vibius, a master of shits and mongrels."