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Temple of Jupiter in Pompeii, in the shadow of Vesuvius as the one in the series was.

An abandoned temple at the foot of Vesuvius. It is home to the Roman hermit, Lucius Caelius. The temple soon became the base for Spartacus' rebel army during season two and used as their own command post.

The temple comes under siege by the forces of Rome, first by Publius Varinius, whom the rebels defeat, and then by Gaius Claudius Glaber and his army. Glaber succeeds and forces the rebels to retreat to the top of Mount Vesuvius and turns the temple into his own base of operations.

The rebels later reclaim the temple and defeat Glaber's forces by clever means. The temple would then remain that as the place of victory for the rebels over two praetors of Rome and marked their ascent into a true army and a true threat to the Republic.


  • According to Ashur, the temple was built many years ago by the Greeks.