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First appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Last appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Profession Whore (Slave)
Race German Kimbern
Relationships Successa, (Owner)
Status Unknown (Presumed active)

Valeria is a prostitute owned by Successa and works at the brothel named the House of the Winged Cock in the port city of Neapolis.


Valeria is young girl described as having long golden blonde braids that fall below her waist, bright blue eyes, milky white skin, and lips like she could suck the face off a denarius.

Swords and Ashes[]

She is first seen preforming an erotic naked dance with three other slaves in the former home of Marcus Pelorus. She had been rented along with all the other slaves at the party from her domina Successa since all of Pelorus' slaves had been locked in the arena awaiting their execution. While dancing she expresses a much more cheerful appearance than her fellow dancing companions who in comparison look sullen and nervous. Quintus Batiatus watches her performance favoring her over the other dancing girls, and he is told by Timarchides that she favors him.

Later, at the House of the Winged Cock, Batiatus asks Successa to sleep with Valeria. Successa dissuades him and instead convinces him to sleep with her.


  • Successa tells Batiatus that Valeria along with the other dancing girls are all from Pompeii. However, due to Batiatus' description of her, along with saying her blue eyes were "the mark of a northern savage", points to her being Germanic. With her either being born in Pompeii or residing there before being brought to Neapolis, instead of her being a true Roman Pompeian.