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So with the end of War of The Damned comes the end of the Spartacus series. This show was brilliant for what it was, but I unfortunately, was not satisfied with the season as a whole. When I saw the teaser trailer for the season, with Spartacus riding on his horse towards the Romans and smashing into them with that growl at the end, I thought this season was going to be so much different and epic.

First, I understand this show is also a drama, so it needs all that diologue infront of the action. But the season could have used just as much action. I expected a season called War of The Damned to have more battles in it. There was a battle at the beginning of episode 1, and at the end of episodes 3, 8 and 10, with a very slow build up in every episode.

I also hated the way that Crixus seperated from Spartacus and died in the same episode, since they decided to only spend 1 episode on Crixus seperating and being killed, I guess.

So Starz decided to rap the entire show up in 10 episodes, even though they probably only made 10 episodes because of the budget (I would call them very lazy if they could have made more episodes but chose to stick with 10 for the FINAL season).

One of my gripes is that there weren't enough fight scenes with Crassus. There was one in episode 1 (but that was training), a small fight in episode 6 which lasted about 20 seconds, and the final battle between him and Spartacus. I saw the featurette Strategy of War, and when I saw him completely own his apponent, I fought Crassus would show a lot more fighting. Crassus was awsome, but him not fighting enough dissapointed me.

One thing I hated about this season as well was having to spend half the season in a city. This season was only 10 episodes long, and we had to wait until episode 7 to move on, then spend the last 3 rapping the entire show up. It was just wasted potential. I really do get the feeling they could have made more episodes.

If there was anything that dissapointed you about the show, what was it?