Spartacus Wiki

You have played it, We have played it, and reviewers have played Spartacus Legends. The free to play game has been out for awhile now, and i figured we should share the reviews.


Mine first, it is my blog after-all.

The game is worth your time if you have the space on your harddrive, the three gig game has no price tag and to users like me (poor) that is worth the troubles it comes with.

That being said, if i paid for this game, i myself would be upset.


While Legends may ask for Misso, no mercy is seen from Xbox.

Xbox Live held nothing back, and, if anything, made it clear they did not like the game. The only perk they found was the price. They also gave it a thumbs down, showing their true disapproval of this bout in the arena.

Shogun gamer

Shogun is not on the same page with Xbox. While they had their own wants for the game, they gave it an overall 7/10.

They noted it could have had more, but they felt it was worth their time and was enjoyable overall.

Game skinny

These guys loved the game, and felt it was worth the wait. Ill let you read their review, as i dont have the time to get past "we liked it".


While these are only a few voices in the crowd, it comes down to what you want in a game. You should not let these reviews hold to much sway in getting this game if you have yet to. Like i said, its free.

What do you think, is this a hit, or does it face the pits.