Spartacus Wiki

Before we all end up going stale, we need to get to work maintaining this wiki, and im not about to make you all wait for the community to decide to promote me.

We, as of me starting this blog, have 2,512 images, and i doubt any of them are used, or organized. I plan to fix this, the first step handling unused images.



Im asking all of you to comb through, and either find a use for the images, or mark them to be deleted. We can use gallery's for some images, but some are not in the show, and are not needed.

Once this is handled, i should have the templates needed for the larger project of taking the images we have, and organizing them, the only question will be is how we organize them. Im thinking we will organize the images into three key categories, Site maintenance, Show, and games. The show images will be slit by season.

If any of you have ideas on how to handle this, let me know below. In fact, let me know you saw this below, so i know who reads these without me telling you ti :)

Thanks and happy editing.