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Vote ended, thank you all for the feedback.  We will update the articles stating that other character names have been seen, but are NOT based on the characters themselves.

We have a debate that needs to be handled before i lock the Spartacus Legends


article and start banning people. The outcome of this discussion and vote will effect if we have this as a fact, or trivia.

When Spartacus Legends came out, we all began to look for information, one piece that came out has become a minor problem. Characters, like Pollux, have been seen in the game, and have been added to the list of characters in the game.

While some agree with this, or dont care, others dont agree and keep removing it. This has gotten to a point of me re-adding it once a day as the same few users (most of them anons) remove it, then yell about me adding it.

So, i want this fixed, and you all have a week to do it, discuss it, and vote on it. The outcome will be used on how the information is presented. Either the majority agrees and Characters like Pollux are seen in the game, or we have random skin/name combos making us think its the characters.

I ask that we are respectful of each-other in this matter, and the end decision.-Cheatcodechamp (talk) 18:26, August 9, 2013 (UTC)

Vote on the decision