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Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well!

I felt like doing a blog in order to gauge other users on who everyone's favourite hero and villain was! I want to see what it is about some characters that make you all like them. This show is great it outlining both sides of the coin in terms of "good" and "bad" yet even those are tangible. Just a fun little bit about why you like a certain character would be great :)

I'll start mine:

Protagonist: Gannicus

I love Gannicus just because he is he anti-hero and a flawed one at that. One of the most incredible fighters in the series, yet he carries a carefree and witty personality. His growth and character development in the show is aboslutely awesome and I love how it is in his interactions with others, especially with Spartacus.

Antagonist: Ashur

I find Ashur is the most signifigant villain in the series because of what he was able to accomplish such as manipulating Solonius and killing Calavius (Though devised with Good Batiatus) and how he is the reason Glaber and his forces were able to deal such a fatal blow to the rebellion. It was great in Gods of the Arena where it shows that Crixus actually betrayed Ashur and it was what made Ashur turn to his more darker roots I found. His intelligence and cunning make him more dangerous than a simple opponent on the battlefield. I find War of the Damned splits his aspects between Heracleo and Julius Caesar too.

Well that's what I got, I look forward to reading other people's favourites and why :)