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Favourite Season 3 episode

Spoils of war

Favourite Character


Favourite Relationship(s)

Gannicus and Sibyl Agron and Nasir

Favourite season

1 and 3

Hated Scene

Gannicus Crucified

Favourite scene

Too many to choose!

Favourite Quote

"Together we shall see Rome tremble!" - Spartacus

Saddest Scene

Spartacus' death

Gannicus small.jpg "My cock rages on!" Fan of Gannicus
Spartacus-Andy small.jpg "Together, we shall see Rome tremble!" Fan of Spartacus
Melitta small.jpg "We do what we must in this house." Fan of Melitta
Nasir small.jpg "Give me a sword. I would join you." Fan of Nasir