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Gaia .jpg
Favorite Character Gaia & Crixus & Ashur
Hated Character Naevia
Favorite Season Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena
Favorite S0 Episode All Of Them
Favorite S1 Episode Sacramentum Gladiatorum
Favorite S2 Episode Libertus
Favorite S3 Episode Victory
Favorite Episode Missio
Favorite Couple Batiatus & Lucretia
Favorite Actor John Hannah
Favorite Writer Steven S. DeKnight
Favorite Fight Scene Gannicus VS. Crixus ( Missio )
Favorite Death Scene Naevia ( Victory )
Worst Death Scene Crixus ( Separate Paths )
First Episode Seen Past Transgressions
Episode That Made You A Fan Past Transgressions

About me[]

Hi, I am big fan of Spartacus, mainly of the prequel Gods Of The Arena, because I love the old times when it was mainly about gladiators and about my fave couple Lucretia&Batiatus. I like Gaia too and Crixus, but only when he wasn't yet so much arrogant and he was alone and have nothing with Naevia.

P.S. I hate Naevia :P Sorry.

Batiatus small.jpg "You kiss my cheek, only to finger my ass?" Fan of Batiatus
Ashur small.jpg "I am a villain... but I'm not your villain." Fan of Ashur
Lucretia small.jpg "Proper is a word forged by men who seek to enslave us" Fan of Lucretia
Crixus small.jpg "The world is my arena, pup!" Fan of Crixus
Spartacus-Andy small.jpg "Together, we shall see Rome tremble!" Fan of Spartacus

My favorite pages[]

  • Mass Effect Wiki
  • The Witcher Wiki
  • Spartacus Wiki <3