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Spartacus-the rebel king.jpg
Favorite Character Spartacus
Hated Character Cossutius
Favorite Season Spartacus: War of the Damned
Favorite S0 Episode The Bitter End
Favorite S1 Episode Shadow Games
Favorite S2 Episode Wrath of the Gods
Favorite S3 Episode Victory
Favorite Couple Spartacus and Sura
Gannicus and Sibyl
Favorite Fight Scene Spartacus VS Gannicus
Favorite Death Scene Glaber
Worst Death Scene Varro
First Episode Seen The Red Serpent
Episode That Made You A Fan The Red Serpent

Welcome to FedeTkd's profile heve fun!


  • Languages: English and Spanish (español).
  • Likes: Spartacus, Yu-Gi-Oh, DIGIMON, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball, Taekwon-do, Gannicus, Drawing, PS3, Battlefield, COD, The Walking Dead, the godfather, Marvel, Batman, High School Of the Dead, SAO.
  • Music: Calle 13, Japanesse songs (form animes), My Cock Rages On.
  • People that Inspire me: Spartacus, Gannicus, Yami Yugi, Yusei Fudo,Jack Atlas, Goku, Vegeta, Andy Withfield, Bear Grylls, Maximus Decimus Meridius,Kirito.
  • Dislikes: Idiots, School, Vandals, Users that edit my Profile (SO DO NOT DO IT =D).

My Top 10 of Fighters of Spartacus[]

  1. Theokeles
  2. Oenomeus(Gods of the arena/Blood and Sand)
  3. Spartacus / Gannicus / Crassus
  4. The Egiptian
  5. Crixus / Hilarus
  6. Agron / Oenomaus(Vengance) / Ceasar / Cabarus / Glaber
  7. Donar / Lugo / Pollux / Rabanus / The Veteran / Rhaskos... (most gladiators of The House of Batiatus)
  8. Naevia/Saxa
  9. Tiberius
  10. Standard Gladiator/Rebel/Roman

Quotes I Like[]

"Split heavens with the sound of his name! Let it carry to Crassus and Pompey as distant thunder promising storm and blood! All those who are able shall make final stand against Rome. And this I promise you. We will live free... or join our brothers in death!"  Spartacus

"Soon Crassus will give comand, and we shall face his legions at open battle.We stand in the shadow of greater might. As their Republic cast across the lives of every man, every woman and every child condemned to the darkness of slavery. Forced to toil and suffer, so that those of coin and position may see their fortunes grow beyond need or purpose. Let us teach them that all who draw breath are of equal worth! And those who seek to place heel upon throat of liberty shall fall to the cry of freedom!" Spartacus 

Random Info[]

Gladius small.jpg Favored Weapon:
Gladius (sword)
Spartacus-Andy small.jpg "Together, we shall see Rome tremble!" Fan of Spartacus
Gannicus small.jpg "My cock rages on!" Fan of Gannicus
Crixus small.jpg "The world is my arena, pup!" Fan of Crixus
Agron small.jpg "F***ing Gauls!" Fan of Agron
Oenomaus small.jpg "A gladiator does not fear death." Fan of Oenomaus

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