Spartacus Wiki

Favorite Character GannicusBatiatusMira
Hated Character TiberiusTulliusNumerius
Favorite Season Gods of the Arena
Favorite S0 Episode The Bitter End
Favorite S1 Episode Kill Them All
Favorite S2 Episode Libertus and Wrath of the Gods
Favorite S3 Episode Victory
Favorite Episode (all) Victory
Favorite Couple Gannicus with Saxa and/or Sibyl
Favorite Actor John HannahNick Tarabay
Favorite Writer Steven S. DeKnight
Favorite Director
Favorite Fight Scene Spartacus vs. Crassus
Favorite Death Scene Spartacus
Worst Death Scene Cossutius
First Episode Seen Past Transgressions
Episode That Made You A Fan The Bitter End

Hello, hello, and hello.

Major contributions include: Marcus Crassus, Julius Caesar, Tiberius, Claudius Glaber, Magistrate Gallienus, Pompei Magistrate, the Unnamed Murmillo, Fimbria, Scout Leader, Salvius, Donar, Nemetes, and the Unknown Gladiator. Also have added several pictures to otherwise spice up the articles and give them more flavor.

Minor contributions include: Personalities of several characters, fixing grammar errors and sentence structuring, and adding some extra information to characters.