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"The world is my arena, pup!"'-Crixus

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Favorite Character Lucretia, Ilithyia, Gannicus, Spartacus.
Hated Character Ashur, Barca, The Egyptian.
Favorite Season Spartacus: Blood and Sand.
Favorite S0 Episode Party Favors.
Favorite S1 Episode Shadow Games.
Favorite S2 Episode Libertus.
Favorite S3 Episode All of them.
Favorite Episode Kill Them All.
Favorite Couple Lucretia & Batiatus.
Favorite Actor Lucy Lawless.
Favorite Writer Steven S. DeKnight.
Favorite Director None.
Favorite Fight Scene Spartacus vs Theokoles (Shadow Games).
Favorite Death Scene Ashur & Glaber.
Worst Death Scene Aurelia, & Naevia.
First Episode Seen The Red Serpent.
Episode That Made You A Fan Shadow Games.

About Me

Hi i am from Ireland, and a big fan of Spartacus from the start, im doing my best for this site, so if you need any help please let me know.

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Lucretia small.jpg "Proper is a word forged by men who seek to enslave us" Fan of Lucretia
Batiatus small.jpg "You kiss my cheek, only to finger my ass?" Fan of Batiatus
Ilithyia small.jpg "That is how you sate desire, for love or vengeance: without hesitation." Fan of Ilithyia
Glaber small.jpg "You will march where you are commanded!" Fan of Glaber
Seppia small.jpg "I do not seek justice... I seek vengeance!" Fan of Seppia
Sura small.jpg "Kill them all." Fan of Sura
Spartacus-Andy small.jpg "Together, we shall see Rome tremble!" Fan of Spartacus
Mira small.jpg "You are an ass." Fan of Mira
Varro small.jpg "Wake me when it's time to die again." Fan of Varro
Crixus small.jpg "The world is my arena, pup!" Fan of Crixus
Naeviasmall.jpg "It is no easy thing, to cleave a man's head from his shoulders in one blow." Fan of Naevia
Oenomaus small.jpg "A gladiator does not fear death." Fan of Oenomaus
Melitta small.jpg "We do what we must in this house." Fan of Melitta
Gannicus small.jpg "My cock rages on!" Fan of Gannicus
Agron small.jpg "F***ing Gauls!" Fan of Agron
Saxa small.jpg "I rival any fucking man!" Fan of Saxa