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Favorite Character Ilithyia, Batiatus, Ashur
Hated Character Seppia, Nemetes, The Egyptian
Favorite Season Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Favorite S0 Episode Beneath The Mask
Favorite S1 Episode Party Favors
Favorite S2 Episode Libertus
Favorite Episode Kill Them All
Favorite Couple Ilithyia & Glaber
Favorite Actor John Hannah
Favorite Writer Miranda Kwok
Favorite Director Michael Hurst
Favorite Fight Scene Crixus vs Pericles (Old Wounds)
Favorite Death Scene Solonius (what a badass)
Worst Death Scene Ashur (what a waste)
First Episode Seen The Red Serpent
Episode That Made You A Fan Sacramentum Gladiatorum

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About Me

I'm Banjo, a guy from Australia and a huge Spartacus fan, who's always been fascinated with the everyday life and gladiatorial games of Ancient Rome.

Favorite Pages

Favored Gladiator Style

Favored Weapons

Malleus small.jpg Favored Weapon:
Malleus (hammer)

Favorite Characters

Ilithyia small.jpg "That is how you sate desire, for love or vengeance: without hesitation." Fan of Ilithyia
Solonius small.jpg "Loyalty can be a crushing weight." Fan of Solonius
Batiatus small.jpg "You kiss my cheek, only to finger my ass?" Fan of Batiatus
Ashur small.jpg "I am a villain... but I'm not your villain." Fan of Ashur
Crixus small.jpg "The world is my arena, pup!" Fan of Crixus
Cossutius small.jpg "This world is filled with the grotesque and
the divine."
Fan of Cossutius

Thoughts & Musings

My thoughts on Vengeance, in a nutshell (IMDb forum thread)
IMO, of course, and be warned: contains spoilers and snark! ;)