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Unnamed Murmillo
First appearance S0E01: Past Transgressions
Last appearance S0E01: Past Transgressions
Profession Gladiator (House of Vettius)
Race Gaul
Relationships Vettius (Dominus)
Status Deceased (Killed by Gannicus)
Actor/Actress Uncredited

The Unnamed Murmillo was a gladiator under the house of Vettius. He appears exclusively in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Character Outline.[]

In his only appearance, the Unnamed Murmillo wore a typical murmillo set, befitting his fighting stylet. He wore a traditional plumed helmet alongside a leather balteus and manica, and carried both an iron gladius and an orange scutum with eel designs surrounding it.

Gods of the Arena[]

During the days of the Old Arena, the Unnamed Murmillo, under the employment of Vettius, was set to fight Gannicus, under the House of Batiatus. The crowd heavily favored the popular Gannicus, although the Murmillo was unfazed by this reaction and Gannicus' antics. Vettius, without proper introduction, begins the match despite Tullius and Sextus being late in attendance. 

As the match begun, Gannicus and the Murmillo traded several strikes against each other, before the taunting Gannicus goaded the Murmillo to chase him near a wall. Using an incredible display of acrobatic athleticism, Gannicus wall-jumped up the stands, and dropped down to strike and heavily injure the back of the Murmillo's head.

Extremely angered by this, and Gannicus' gloating to the crowd afterwards, the Murmillo took off his helmet and attempted to catch a distracted Gannicus unaware with a lethal blow by his gladius. Gannicus notices this attack and, in his attempt to dodge, just manages to get glazed on the left arm.

Much to the confusion of the Murmillo and the ongoing crowd, an enraged Gannicus drops his weapons to the ground. Gannicus then uses his pugilistic skills to punch the Murmillo several times, even with the obvious disadvantage of weaponry against Gannicus. As the Murmillo reals back, Gannicus then reaches back for his swords, all while dodging the Murmillo's attacks, and then blocks a strike while devilering a stabbing motion to the stomach.

The Murmillo is taken down by this attack, and then is furthered wounded by a stab to the back, much to his agonizing pain. Gannicus then positions his twin swords over the throat of the defeated gladiator and brutally slashes his throat, killing the Murmillo.

Unnamed Murmillo's death by Gannicus.

The Murmillo's premature death dismayed Batiatus, who was waiting for Tullius and the Magistrate to arrive in order to witness the event, and evaluate the stock of Gannicus. 


  • Unnamed Murmillo is one of the few gladiators to have a tattoo, others being Gannicus and Theokoles. The recruit Segovax also had one, but he died before being accepted into the brotherhood.
  • He is the first character seen to die chronologically.