Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S3E02: Wolves at the Gate
Last appearance S3E04: Decimation (Alive)
S3E05: Blood Brothers (Corpse)
Profession Baker
Race Roman
Relationships Unnamed Wife
Unborn child
Laeta (Friend)
Status Deceased (Killed by Nemetes)
Actor/Actress Charlie Bleakley

Ulpianus is a Roman living with his wife in Sinuessa en Valle.


Ulpianus is of average height with short blond hair and clean shaven face. He has no skill in fighting and works as a baker to earn his living.


Ulpianus is known to be a kind man who has never spoken harshly towards anyone, including slaves. He loves his wife dearly and would do anything to see her cared for.

War of the Damned[]

Ulpianus talking to Laeta about grain.

Ulpianus is first seen speaking with Laeta. He cannot afford to have as much food and is asking if she could speak to her husband to help him for his wife and unborn child. When the rebels invade the city, he and his wife are captured by Sanus, Saxa and Nemetes, who plan to execute them. Spartacus, however, commands them not to and as a result Ulpianus becomes one of the few survivors of the invasion.

Uplianus is seen chained up holding onto his wife. Nemetes realizes that his wife is with child and offers Ulpianus bread in exchange for what coin he has left. After Ulpianus does this Nemetes drops the bread, which resorts in a struggle between Ulpianus and another prisoner.

Crixus sees this fight, grabs the two Romans and forces them to fight one another. Ulpianus begs them not too as he is no fighter. Despite this, however, he proves himself victorious in what the rebels would consider a "pathetic display". This act is enjoyed by the rebels excluding Gannicus and Attius, who are visibly disgusted.

Ulpianus hand sliced by Naevia.

Crixus drops the bread for him and as Ulpianus goes for it his hand is sliced by Naevia who falsely believed he was reaching for a nearby sword to strike him down. Attius, a Roman blacksmith goes to his defense and admonishes the rebels for their cruelty.

Ulpianus, his wife and other Romans hidden from the rebels.

Later, Saxa reveals to Naevia and Nemetes that Ulpianus, his wife and many other Romans are missing. It is later revealed that he is hiding out with the others underneath the stables and being tended to by Laeta.

Ulpianus is seen with his wife and the other Romans Laeta has hidden from the rebels. They are discovered afterwards by Gannicus, Saxa and Sibyl

Ulpianus is killed by Nemetes.

Saxa attempts to take the survivors to Spartacus during the slaughter of all the other Romans in the city. However, despite her attempts to protect them, Ulpianus is stabbed by a bloodthirsty Nemetes and dies.

Ulpianus dead body.

Ulpianus' body is later drained of its blood and is dressed up as a rebel as Spartacus' plan to trick Crassus and his army. When Crassus and his army take back Sinuessa, the body is taken down and given a burial.


  • The Latin word for baker is Pistor (plural: pistores). Pastry bakers were known as "pistores dulciarii" (cake-makers) or "pistores candidarii" (white bread bakers).