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Titus Augustus Brutilius
First appearance Spartacus: Morituri (Mentioned only)
Last appearance Spartacus: Morituri (Mentioned only)
Profession Magistrate
Race Roman
Relationships Gaius Julius Brutilius (Son)
Status Deceased

Titus Augustus Brutilius was a Magistrate of Capua and father of Gaius Julius Brutilius. He was said to be a supplier of slaves to the Houses of Batiatus and Solonius. A gladiatorial games was held in his honor by his son Gaius, which included gladiators from the Houses of Batiatus, Solonius and Hieronymus.


"Citizens of Capua, today we honor memory of Titus Augustus Brutilius, noble father of Gaius Julius Brutilius. As magistrate and businessman, Augustus Brutilius was loyal servant of Capua and friend to all. His was noble presence, to which understanding, generosity, guidance and wisdom were vestments."[1]
Solonius to Arena crowd