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First appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Last appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Profession Gladiator
Race Greek
Relationships Marcus Pelorus (Former Dominus/Friend, deceased)
Gaius Verres (Co-Conspirator)
Status Unknown

Timarchides is a former gladiator for the House of Pelorus.


Timarchides is described as a burly, towering well-muscled Greek, with deeply-tanned skin and crisscrossed lines marking many forgotten battles. Atop his head are tight black curls.

Swords and Ashes[]

Timarchides has recently bought his freedom with coin won from victories in the arena. At the dinner party of Marcus Pelorus, he fights some of the escaped slaves, but not before Medea claims Pelorus' life. He then begins plotting taking the estate of Pelorus as his own, with assistance from Verres. He despises the Romans from his abuse at their hands while he was a slave, and he takes great delight in raping Varro, an enslaved Roman, while he (Timarchides), is a free Greek. He fights in the Funeral Games of Marcus Pelorus, though he sits in the pulvinus for the Primus. He laments the loss of his brothers, among them being Scaeva and Charon, though he does not hesitate to kill the Sardinian Boy while he and Verres depart for Sicilia, having lost the Pelorus estate to Quintus Lentulus Batiatus.