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First appearance S1E02: "Sacramentum Gladiatorum"
S2E01: "Fugitivus"
Last appearance S2E07: "Sacramentum"
Profession Body Slave
Race Greek
Relationships Ilithyia (Domina, deceased)
Amana (Fellow Body Slave, deceased)
Status Deceased (Crucified by Nileus, Fimbria and The Murderer, on orders of Gaius Claudius Glaber)
Actor/Actress Sarah Holder

Thessela is one of Ilithyia's body slaves.

Character Outline[]

Thessela is Ilithyia's Body Slaves, always at her side. She is loyal to her Domina, who displays an unspoken but detectable fondness for her.

Blood and Sand[]

Thessela was seen as a background character and followed Ilithyia wherever she went, as is proper due to her being Ilithyia's body slave. She would escape the massacre at the House of Batiatus through her status with Ilithyia.


After Claudius Glaber discovers that his wife Ilithyia was planning to divorce him and abort her unborn child, he murders her father Albinius and gains full control over her and her slaves.

Shortly after, he has Thessela publicly crucified to spite his wife and demonstrate his power over her, falsely declaring that the slave whispered words of support for Spartacus and his rebellion... treasonous talk overheard by his wife, her Domina.

Thessela's last moments.

Although Thessela is innocent and protests as such, Ilithyia confirms the lie out of fear of her husband, and on advice of Lucretia who cautions her not to oppose him.

Ashur and his newly-formed 'squad' of killers take personal pleasure in executing the innocent Thessela, crucifying her before a crowd of shocked onlookers (including Gannicus) in the streets of Capua.

Thessela is soon after replaced in Ilithyia's service by another slave, named Amana.


  • Thessela's name may bear a relation to that of the country of Thessaly in northern Greece.
  • The Latin term for Thessela's specific role would be a Ancilla, or "maidservant".
  • A literal rendering a female body slave in Latin is Serva Corporis.