Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S2E03: The Greater Good
S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Last appearance S3E07: Mors Indecepta
Profession Slave
Escaped Slave
Race Greek
Relationships Spartacus (Leader, deceased)
Lysandros (Friend)
Nemetes (Friend, deceased)
Donar (Friend, deceased)
The Veteran (Friend)
Status Deceased (Killed by Romans)
Actor/Actress Daniel Theologidis

Theologidis is a former slave turned rebel in Spartacus' army.

Character Outline[]

A former slave, Theologidis was rescued by Spartacus as he was being transported to the mines. He eventually became one of the more skilled archers in Spartacus' army. He has long curly black hair and a tanned skin tone.


Theologidis is first seen in a slave wagon bound for the mines, indicating that he likely had been an insolent or uncooperative Slave. When the wagon comes under attack from Spartacus and his men, Theologidis is freed from captivity and becomes a loyal member of Spartacus' army.

Theologidis in the Temple

When tensions rise between Agron and Crixus. Theologidis accompanies Agron to Vesuvius with most of the other rebels.

Following Spartacus' return from the mines, Theologidis moves to the Vesuvius Temple with the others and continues to train and perform various tasks around the Temple. Though he joined the rebellion with no combat experience, through the training of the gladiators and Lucius Caelius, Theologidis becomes proficient with the s

Theologidis holds off the Romans

word and especially with the bow.

When the forces of Varinius and Glaber attack the temple, Theologidis takes up arms and defends the sanctuary. As the rebels are forced to retreat up the mountain, he covers their retreat with his bow until Spartacus orders him to fall back and catch up with the others. During the final engagement against the forces of Glaber, Theologidis fights well and slays many Romans.

War of the Damned[]

Theologidis remains a loyal and effective soldier in Spartacus' army in the months following the defeat of Glaber and Varinius at Vesuvius.

When the rebels attack Sinuessa, Theologidis, along with Lysandros and Ortius are among the first of Spartacus' soldiers to enter the city gate. He is among the group of rebels that attempt to storm the granary and witnesses the death of Ennius. Following their successful siege, he takes to living with his fellow comrades in the city.

Theologidis and Nemetes laugh at Ulpianus.

When Crixus forces Ulpianus and another Roman captive to fight to the death for a crust of bread, Theologidis is seen standing next to Nemetes enjoying the fight, laughing when Ulpianus kills his opponent.  

When the masses of refugees begin to flood into Sinuessa, Theologidis is among the rebels that inspect the refugees before allowing them clearance into the city.

Though he ap

Theologidis and Sibyl serve the Roman captives

pears to be callous toward the plight of the Romans in the city as evidenced by his enjoyment Uplianus' death match, he is later seen with Sibyl serving water to the remaining Roman captives in the villa. When the rebels are forced to abandon Sinuessa due to

Theologidis is slain

Crassus' attack, he retreats into the mountains with the rest of the army and becomes trapped by Crassus' wall.

With the army starving and freezing, hundreds of rebels lose their lives over the coming weeks as they are sent to find a breach the wall, including Theologidis. He is killed by a Roman pilum that is thrown into his back as he attempts to escape the moat in front of the wall.


  • The characters name is the the actor's surname.
  • Theologidis fought in the rebellion as an archer. The Latin word for archer is Sagittarius. The Greek word for archer is Toxotos.