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The Thing in the Pits
Season 1
Number Episode 04
Date Aired February 12, 2010
Writer Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing
Director Jesse Warn
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"The Thing in the Pits" is the fourth episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It is the fourth episode in the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline

Having performed shamefully in the arena against Crixus, Spartacus is forced to fight in the Pits. Batiatus, determined to profit from Spartacus, might be at risk if his debts aren't paid.


Due to Spartacus' surrender in the arena in Legends, he has been shamed in the arena and the crowds no longer favor him. Batiatus is angry with him and claims he has broken their agreement. To regain his position in the ludus and the favor of the crowds, he must fight in the Pit.

Barca and Ashur prepare Spartacus for the pit with handfuls of dirt, and he leaves Sura's ribbon behind for safe keeping. Both Doctore and Lucretia object to Batiatus' decision to go to the pits, but he assures them that it is his only option to regain the gold that he has so far lost on Spartacus. He believes he can win in the pit, and if nothing else comes of it, he is at least rid of him.

Kerza is led out of the ludus along with Spartacus, and he is the first to fight in The Pit. He is pitted in battle against Ixion, a man wearing the skinned face of a former fighter and armed with a huge metal hammer. Kerza is killed after receiving multiple blows to the head. Once he is dead, Ixion cuts off his face to use as a mask in his next battle.


Kerza loses his first battle.

hile, Spartacus looks on in horror and Batiatus in anger at having lost one fighter so early. Ovidius approaches him and reminds him of the deal they had that Batiatus has yet to repay.

In the ludus, it is evening and Naevia leads Crixus to Lucretia's chambers. He questions Naevia regarding the necklace he gave her, and how she is not wearing. Naevia returns the necklace because, as a slave, she cannot keep personal belongings. Crixus misunderstands the gesture as a rebuttal and gives the necklace to Lucretia when she notices it in his hand. Naevia later calls Crixus out of the baths to explain to him, and he kisses her for the first time. Naevia, however, is angry at his lack of understanding, and leaves.

Next up to fight in the pit is Spartacus against Myrmex. Their weapons are drawn from a bag. Myrmex draws sphairai, and Spartacus receives caestus. The crowd does not favor Spartacus, but Batiatus sends Ashur away to place bets on him. At first the fight does not go well and Spartacus is beaten to the ground, but at a call from Batiatus he tackles Myrmex to the ground and grapples onto his arm. He uses Myrmex's spiked knuckles against him and makes him stab himself repeatedly in the face. To finish the job, he grabs a hook that is hanging from the ceiling and forces it up into Myrmex's head through his neck. Spartacus does not come out of the fight unharmed - he receives three cuts to the chest that will leave scars - and Batiatus decides to fight him again.

Spartacus is returned to the ludus, where he is met with friendliness from Varro and distaste from Rhaskos and the others, who claim he is no longer a gladiator. Varro reveals that he once bet on the pits, but he is not proud of the fact.

The next day, Lucretia enters town against Batiatus' wishes to sell her jewelry and bring some money into the ludus. Solonius sees her and offers to buy the necklace for full price. Lucretia, insulted, sells it for half price.

Lucretia & Solonius in the marketplace.

Spartacus is returned to the pit, where he fights many opponents and wins in brutal, bloody manners. At one point he sees Sura in the crowd, watching him with a sad expression. Despite Spartacus' wins, Batiatus still has not gained enough to repay his debts, and decides to keep Spartacus in the battles. However, Spartacus dreams of Sura perishing in a rain of blood and believes that he must save her before the rains come. He strikes a deal with Batiatus and claims that he will die in the arena so that Batiatus can place all his money against him and reap the winnings, in the hope that Batiatus will save Sura with the money. Batiatus agrees to it.

The next battle is against Ixion, who is wearing Kerza's skinned face. Ixion draws paired bipennis axes as his weaponry, while Spartacus receives a crude version of the sica sword. The men are evenly matched, and Spartacus makes a show of not giving it too easily. Ixion manages to pull his sword from him with the edge of an axe. Meanwhile, a pair of slaves are moving through the crowd towards Batiatus. Spartacus notices their intent after he has been thrown to the ground. Ixion is ready to go in for the kill, but Spartacus grabs one of the axes that was lying on the ground, and slashes Ixion's neck with it. He throws the same axe into the crowd seconds later and the head embeds itself in the back of Batiatus' attacker.

Spartacus in the pit.

After the battle is over, the dead slaves are drawn outside and the brand of a slave is discovered on their shoulders. Batiatus entrusts Ashur with the task of discovering their master. Back in the ludus, Lucretia tends to Batiatus, who has a wound on his abdomen. He admits that he lost a substantial sum, but that if Spartacus had not acted as he had, he would be dead. He decides that he can either kill Spartacus or allow him the life of a gladiator again. Spartacus reminds him of his promise to save Sura, and Batiatus repays the debt of saving his life and allows Spartacus to rejoin the gladiators.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Spartacus
  2. Batiatus
  3. Barca
  4. Ashur
  5. Oenomaus
  6. Lucretia
  7. Naevia
  8. Crixus
  9. Varro
  10. Kerza
  11. Ixion
  12. Ovidius
  13. Anubis
  14. Corvus
  15. Myrmex
  16. Medicus
  17. Sura (daydream)
  18. Pietros
  19. Hamilcar
  20. Pit Assassin 01
  21. Pit Assassin 02
  22. Solonius


Spartacus: "There must be a way for me to fight."
Batiatus: "Only one. A place where you needn't follow rules because none exist; the pits of the underworld."

Batiatus: "If the beast cannot be tamed it must be unleashed."

Announcer (Anubis): "Witness the captive beasts, quenching our thirst with blood, set to die in the pits, payment for their offensive births. Let death descend anew!"

Sura: "You push yourself too far."
Spartacus: "And yet I live."
Sura: "For how long?"
Spartacus: "As long as it takes."
Sura: "Then kill them all."

Spartacus: "He is right. I am not longer a gladiator."
Varro: "You are a man, one still worthy of respect."



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