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The Greater Good
Season 2
Number Episode 03
Date Aired February 10, 2012
Writer Tracy Bellomo
Director Brendan Maher
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The Greater Good is the third episode of Spartacus: Vengeance. It is the twenty-second episode of the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline[]

Spartacus must navigate a divide that opens up among the gladiators after news of Naevia's fate. Lucretia reveals a long-held secret to gain information, and an attack puts the rebels at risk.


The episode starts out with a Roman cart transporting new slaves to work in the Mines. As they are traveling, the cart is stopped and attacked by Spartacus and his Rebels. After they have killed all the guards, they begin looting

Liscus and Rhaskos restrain Crixus.

the corpses while Crixus asks the newly freed slaves if any of them have seen Naevia. Meanwhile, Agron and Nasir are looting the driver when he wakes up and says he knows where Naevia is and will tell them if they let him go. The next thing Spartacus and Crixus hear is Agron stabbing the driver in the throat. When they ask him what happened Nasir tells them he knew of Naevia and Agron says that she is dead.

Crixus becomes distraught over the news of her death, breaking down and screaming back at the villa they are hiding in. Agron tells Spartacus and Mira that Naevia was being sent to mines after she was done being sent villa to villa by Batiatus and died on the way there. As they talk about this, Rhaskos and Liscus attempt to console Crixus and calm him down.

Meanwhile, at Batiatus' Ludus, Glaber is attempting to torture information out of Oenomaus.  Despite the pain, they are unable to get him to even make a noise. Ashur explains that Oenomaus is a man of honor and won't easily give information about Spartacus. Ashur tries to convince Glaber to let him interrogate Oenomaus because he knows him best, but Glaber refuses due to the fact Ashur had aided Batiatus in forcing him to give the ludus his patronage. Ashur assures him any mistrust placed towards him is unnecessary and

Ashur about to remove his brand.

that he will serve Glaber as faithfully as he served Batiatus. In order to prove his loyalty, Glaber hands him a dagger and tells him to cut off his brand. Not wanting to displease his new master, Ashur cuts the branded skin from his flesh.

After this, Lucretia tries to explain to Glaber that the gods won't simply hand over Spartacus. While she is explaining this, Glaber walks into the center of the villa to find Ilithyia with her father and Publius Varinius. Ilithyia apologizes to Glaber for not telling them of their arrival and confesses she was busy reuniting with her father and trying to pry news of Rome from Publius. Varinius informs Glaber that he is in Capua to host two weeks of games at the arena. He plans to use the games- with a mix of Lucretia's presence and Glaber's men being in the opening games- to turn the crowds away from Spartacus, who has been keeping Glaber's men busy in the east. Glaber tries to tell them he can't pull his men from hunting the rebels, but Publius tells him his men are the ones with the seal of Rome on their armor, and that will do more for the crowds. Albinius tells his daughter to escort Publius to the wine while he has private words with Glaber. Once they leave, Albinius tells Glaber that he is trying to keep him in the favor of the senate (who have no faith in him), and, if Glaber loses any more standing, he will see the favor sway to Publius (who has made friends and is respected by both senate and the people).

At the rebel base, Spartacus and Agron are making plans for their next location of attack. Agron recommends they camp near Mount Vesuvius. While Spartacus like how they are in striking distance of Pompeii, Agron also points out nearby Neapolis. Agron explains that it is known for its slave ships, and that many of them carry trained soldiers that already hate Rome and are headed for the arena  Spartacus agrees and says that he will inform Crixus. When Agron asks why, Spartacus points out that the half the rebels are Gauls and they only follow Crixus, and that it would be good to get his mind off of his loss.

"How did you survive..after your woman was taken from you forever?".

Spartacus find Crixus alone, thinking back on Naevia. He asks Spartacus how he survived the loss of Sura. Spartacus tells him that his old self didn't survive, and that the hole in his chest was filled by the blood of dead Romans. Crixus tells Spartacus that he blames himself for Naevia's death; that if he didn't fall in love with her, she would still be alive. Spartacus tells him that you don't choose who you love, and that he doesn't want any more people to die without love, alone and enslaved. He also points out that he doesn't want others to die because men who could have helped them didn't. With that, Spartacus leaves Crixus alone with his misery.

In a different part of the villa, Nasir and Agron talk about Crixus and how he is dealing with his loss. Nasir states that Crixus would feel less pain from a sword wound than he does now. Nasir goes on to state that he wants to talk to Crixus, but Agron stops him. Agron tells him that if Crixus knew the truth, people would die in a pointless battle. With that, he tells Nasir to continue packing and heads off.

At the ludus, Ashur prepares to torture Oenomaus, hoping to get information out of him. He starts off by actin

Ashur attempting to get information from Oenomaus.

g as a friend, telling him that their past is in the past, and goes to get a cup of water for Oenomaus. When Oenomaus leans forward to drink a sip, Ashur pulls it back and tells him that he must ask, and break the silence he has held since he arrived. Oenomaus refuses, and Ashur become more angry, telling him that he has no reason to help Spartacus or anybody else in the rebellion. When Oenomaus continues to refuse, Ashur throws the water on the ground and grabs a Flagellum and begins to whip Oenomaus, who still refuses to make a sound.

Later that night, Ilithyia and Glaber are preparing for a bath while still discussing their visiting guest, of whom Glaber did not know about until they arrived. Ilithyia again apologizes for being swept up in the moment and says that they did not wait long. Glaber points out that it was long enough for her father to tell Publius about Spartacus's attack on the market and for the idea of his troops fighting in the arena to come to pass. Despite his anger, Ilithyia assures him that the fight in the arena will go well and that he will rise in the senate. As things between them start to heat up, Glaber stops and says that he must attend to the recalling of his troops and leaves, much to Ilithyia's disappointment.

At the Rebel base, The rebel gladiators are fighting about the new orders to move. While most are in agreement with Spartacus, the Gauls refuse to listen to anybody but Crixus. As the Gauls start to become more loud, Crixus enters and asks what he could say that would change anything. While he is still upset, he tells them that his loss is no different from theirs, and that even though Spartacus and Agron have lost those they held most dear, they still fight. He tells his men that he moves with Spartacus to attack the slave ships.

At the same time, Ashur is still whipping Oenomaus, who is now covered in blood, but still silent. Ashur stops to rest his arm, still fresh in pain from cutting of his skin. Ashur walks up to Oenomaus and tells him that he will make him talk, even if it's in his dying moments. He is interrupted when Oenomaus spits blood on him, angering Ashur even more. Ashur begins to beat Oenomaus with the butt end of the whip until he is interrupted by Lucretia. She warns him that Oenomaus can't die before giving up Spartacus and fulfilling the prophecy from the gods. Ashur, becoming angry, patronizingly asks her if it was the gods who found her alive among the dead and saved her, or the gods who brought her Oenomaus. He reveals to the Lucretia it was him, "the lowest of mortals," who saved her from death. While she tries to say he is only a vessel for the gods' work, he refuses to accept this. Ashur goes on to say that despite what she believes, without Oenomaus talking, her "prophecy" will fall apart. Lucretia tells him that he needs to use more personal methods on Oenomaus. She then tells him that the Ludus holds secrets that, if used, could help their purpose.

At the Rebel base, most of the rebels are sleeping before they head out to attack the harbor. While Spartacus looks at the group of sleeping rebels, Mira comes up to him and tells him to come to bed. He tells her that she can go without him; she responds and tells him she would prefer him by her side. Spartacus tells her that "his side" has not proven to be a safe place. Mira becomes irritated and tells him she is not the past and she wants to be by his side, and be more than just a bed partner. Mira goes on to say she will follow Spartacus to whatever place he leads, and that she would stand by him even if it meant death. With that, she takes him to their bed and they have sex.

In the morning, the rebels are packing up when Chadara goes up to Nasir and begins talking about Agron. While Nasir doesn't see her point, she tells him that she can that tell he likes Agron, and that the two of them have gotten to be close. She continues by saying that he is lucky to be favored by Agron like he is and that she would try to get his favor if she felt that he would give it. To her, Rhaskos is nothing more than a way to gain rank and protection, but Agron holds more power.

Continuing to work with the packing of the looted goods and supplies, Nasir attempts to move a large, heavy crate and is assisted by Crixus who picks up the other end. While walking, Crixus explains why he didn't approve of Nasir's training. He explains that he didn't trust him, not because of his attempted murder of Spartacus, but because he was Syrian. He tells Nasir that he grew to distrust a Syrian gladiator (Ashur) and he passed that distrust to Nasir. He goes on to say that he feels that, despite how Naevia and he felt about Ashur, she would not want him to treat Nasir bad for other's actions. When Crixus puts out his hand to make amends, Nasir looks at it, but doesn't shake it, which confuses Crixus. Instead, he tells Crixus that he needs to tell him something important.

Moments later, Crixus runs up to Agron and attacks him. Once he is pulled off from Agron, he tells Spartacus that Agron lied and that Naevia is alive at the mines. Agron admits to lying, and says that he did it to prevent pointless death in assaulting the mines to save just one woman for Crixus. Spartacus becomes angry and strikes Agron, saying that Agron would be willing to undergo to the same risks if it were his brother Duro instead. Spartacus tells the rebels that he stands with Crixus, and they will move to the mines to free Naevia. Agron refuses, and says he refuses to die for what he still sees as a worthless cause. He instead plans to go to Vesuvius, and tells the rebels to decide to either live and come with him, or go to their deaths. He is then followed by Donar, then most of the other gladiators, leaving only the Gauls, Mira, and a handful of others with Crixus and Spartacus.

At the Ludus, Oenomaus awakes to see Ashur waiting for him to regain consciousness. Ashur says that he is happy to see him alive, and that he was worried that during his anger, killed him by mistake. He offers him water but tells him to ask, to which Oenomaus scoffs once more. Seeing Oenomaus still refusing to talk, Ashur starts to talk about the secrets he has learned over the years at the ludus. He starts off stating that he saw Crixus and Naevia together in their forbidden romance. He then points to the balcony and says that it was there he was rewarded for his part in framing Solonius for murder of Titus Calavius. He then brings up the secret of the time when Gannicus and Oenomaus' wife, Melitta, had sex to pleasure nobles who were visiting the ludus. When he hears this, Oenomaus breaks his silence and says that it was a lie. Ashur begins to press the subject, trying to anger Oenomaus by asking if he ever questioned their changes in behavior or the lingering gazes they had shared. He then asks Oenomaus how she came to obtain Titus Batiatus' tainted wine, seeing as she was not a thief, nor did she drink alone. Ashur states on the night she died, while he was in town Melitta visited Gannicus and they had sex. Taking joy in Oenomaus' anger, Ashur pretends to pity him, by saying his wife betrayed him, along with the brother who everyone believed to love him. Oenomaus asks Ashur what does a "serpent"  know of love, to which Ashur replies that its bite is often fatal and that Spartacus felt the same loss, as did Crixus before Naevia was taken from him. Oenomaus, angered at this, exclaims that they will find her. When Ashur hears this, he links that to the rebels movements. He then takes the information to Glaber.

Glaber becomes irritated with the information, saying that it is of little use and that, even if it was true, doesn't tell them where to go. Lucretia jumps in and informs Glaber that she knows where Naevia is, and that if the rebels are looking for her that they are heading there.

The mines.

At this point, the Rebels are preparing for the assault on the mines, Agron tells them to meet up with them once they save Naevia, then heads out. Mira then tells Spartacus that the slave wagon is ready. The Rebels plan to sneak in as the slave shipment they attacked days before- some of them disguised as Roman guards, and the rest as unarmed slaves. When they arrive, the mine's overseer demands to know why they are two days late. Nasir, posing as the man delivering the slaves, tells them that they were slowed down by an attack from Spartacus and his men. Despite this, the overseer is still angry. In order to calm him down so the plan can keep on track, Mira comes forward as "compensation" for the delay. When she is taken into his tent she takes his knife and threatens him for information about Naevia, whom he remembers and believes to still be alive. He tells her where she is in the mines and shows her a map of the mines.

Meanwhile, outside, one of the guards recognizes Spartacus from the arena. As soon as he says this, the Rebels attack the guards. When they are done killing the guards, Mira comes out with the map, covered in the overseer's blood, whom she had killed when he tried to overtake her. Mira points on the map showing the part of the mine that Naevia was assigned to work. Most of the Rebels head there, leaving two behind to pose as guards and lookouts.

Crixus finds Naevia in the mines.

Shortly after, Roman troops led by Marcus arrive to discover all is safe and well at the mines. As they prepare to leave, Ashur recognizes two of the guards to be Batiatus' men. Ashur jumps out of the crowd and slays the two men. Marcus has him detained, but Ashur reveals their identities to the Romans, who examine the bodies and find Batiatus' mark, which confirm Ashur's words.

Meanwhile, Spartacus and Crixus find Naevia in the mines. Their elation does not last long, as they see the Romans chasing after them. Crixus stays behind to hold them off so that Naevia, Spartacus, and the others may escape. As the scene ends, Crixus is seen being stabbed and beaten down by Ashur as he looks at Naevia one last time .

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Spartacus
  2. Crixus
  3. Agron
  4. Mira
  5. Nasir
  6. Chadara
  7. Gaius Claudius Glaber
  8. Ilithyia
  9. Marcus
  10. Mannus
  11. Plenus
  12. Mines Guard
  13. Oenomaus
  14. Lucretia
  15. Albinius
  16. Publius Varinius
  17. The Procurator
  18. Ashur
  19. Donar
  20. Rhaskos
  21. Liscus
  22. Ferox Slaver
  23. Sophus
  24. Naevia
  25. Acer
  26. Fortis



"I am Crixus. Spartacus stands the fool beside me."
-Crixus to freed slave.

"I hold no love for the man, yet it tears my heart to see him so."

"This is what you would offer me to gain favor? A statue that bleeds?
-Glaber regarding Oenomaus

Spartacus:"I shall break words with Crixus."
Agron: "Towards what end?"
Spartacus: "He stands with the Gauls."
Agron:"Then he is waist deep in shit."

Crixus"How did you survive.. after your woman was taken from you forever?"
Spartacus"The man that I was did not."

"She was a radiant spirit, yet she died a slave. Fate shared by my wife. I would not see more like them fall because those who could make difference stood idle."

"Very well, remain silent. Remain living and in pain, day after day with only Ashur to comfort you as you once comforted me upon these very sands."
-Ashur to Oenomaus

"Spartacus lost his wife and his fire still burns. Agron, a brother, and his fire still burns. We have all lost, we have all seen those seen as friend, as family, as lover, fall to the Romans yet our fires yet burn."

"Oenomaus must not die before prophecy is fulfilled."

Lucretia: "Look to the gods for illumination."
Ashur: "The gods? Was it Jupiter who found you near death? Venus, who stitched your mangled womb? Did Mars see you fed and clothed? Did Apollo deliver Oenomaus into your hands? No! It was Ashur... lowest of fucking mortals."

Crixus: "I was not in favor of your training, do you know the reason?"
Nasir"I made attempt on Spartacus?
Crixus"As have I, on more than one occasion.  I did not trust you, because you are Syrian.  I had unfortunate acquaintance with one of your people, as did my woman, Naevia."

"If a single life holds no value, then none are of worth!"

"Place ear to any beam, and marvel at the whispers of the past."
-Ashur to Oenomaus about the ludus



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