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The Germans are a group of former prisoners - both male and female - rescued by Spartacus and recruited into his rebel army.

Boisterous and rowdy, they initially showed little loyalty to Spartacus, showing only friendship to their fellow countryman Agron. However, after their leader Sedullus is killed by Spartacus during a brawl between the original rebels and the German newcomers, they swear loyalty to his cause and leadership, and become the backbone of his growing army after most of the gladiators from Batiatus' Ludus are killed.


  • Sedullus - A huge and mighty warrior and leader of the Germans by right of might. Prone to losing his temper when drunk. He was killed by Spartacus after trying to rape Naevia and attempting to kill Agron when the latter intervened.
  • Lugo - A brave and skilled fighter, but not the brightest intellect. He was burned then killed by Roman soldiers in the final battle.
  • Saxa - A fierce female warrior. Initially in a relationship with Nemetes she later starts a relationship with Gannicus in Season 3 but he leaves her for Sibyl . She was stabbed by a Roman but kills him, before later dying in Gannicus' arms.
  • Nemetes - One of the smarter Germans, more brains than brawn, but the least committed to Spartacus' cause and often looking out only for himself. He is killed by Julius Caesar.
  • Harudes - A tough warrior who only speaks German, and thus needs a translator when communicating with others who do not speak his language. He is killed by Gaius Cladius Glaber
  • Totus - A well-toned warrior. He remains quiet and in the background during the initial joining with the rebels, but later becomes more prominent and good friends with Gannicus and Crixus. He is killed by Tiberius Crassus.