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You may also be looking for Barca who is often called "The Beast of Carthage"

The Beast of Carthage
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Comic Series Devil's Due
Issue Number 3
Comic Chronology
Previous Comic Shadows of the Jackal
Next Comic The Shadow of Death

The Beast of Carthage is issue three of four in the Devil's Due Spartacus comic book series. It was later turned into a motion-comic. The story follows Barca before his life as a Gladiator and the events that lead him to becoming the Beast of Carthage.


Young, frail Barca cannot save his mother or his village from Roman marauders, and his father Mago bitterly disowns him. But that vengeful day eventually creates Barca, the Beast of Carthage, a towering man of muscle and hate. In Roman hands, Barca must survive the gladiators' Arena long enough to get the bloody satisfaction he craves.


Barca, a carefree young boy who spends his time playing with his best friend Cyprian and the two enjoy playing with birds. The two hail from a fierce warrior village, as Mago the chieftain and Barca's father tells them to stop as he told his wife Elissa that their son was becoming weak by playing, not a strong warrior like he should grow up to be. Elissa tells him that they are being children and should play whenever they wanted as Mago is bitter at this choice as Elissa consoles her son telling him to enjoy having fun.

One day, Roman soldiers invaded the village and Elissa told Barca and Cyprian to hide in the closet while she confronted a soldier that broke into their home. Barca was forced to watch as his mother was being beheaded by the soldier, causing him to fall into a depression where he would stay by his late mother's side for many days until his father and the men of his village returned. Returning to his house, Mago found his son crying over his wife's corpse. Sad and angered, Mago blamed his son's cowardice for his wife's death and disowned him.

Barca, now out of a home and family decided there was only one thing he could do which was train for many years the young boy trained until he became a formidable warrior during this time Barca and his group of assembled men had fought and defeated several many Roman legions. At some point during this time Barca and Cyprian had become lovers and had march their men towards Rome before they crossed a steep river Barca had his men fill the water with the bodies of a group of Gaul’s they had defeated "The Gaul’s proved themselves useful" quoted Barca on this victory. One night, while he and his men were gathered around fire a legion of Romans attack though they fought well the Phoenicians were simply no match for the romans who either killed or captured them. In the fray, Cyprian was killed while trying to protect Barca who called out to him before the dying Cyprian told Barca "Remember me" this angered Barca who attacked the soldiers with full might but despite his best efforts he was defeated and captured along with his surviving men.

Barca vs. his father Mago.

The Phoenicians were then taken to Capua where they were forced to fight each other in the Arena. Barca was able to defend himself and take down many of his own people and was one of the two remaining warriors on the sands as he turned to face his opponent and came across a shocking sight which was his father Mago was also in the arena. Father and Son were shocked to see each other and knowing there was no way out the two began to fight each other as they did one of the watching nobles saying “I would purchase the winner".

On the sands, Mago and Barca battled and both possessed an advantage for Mago it was strength and years for Barca it was strength and youth. They fought for half a day but eventually Barca gained the upper hand over Mago and was able to bring him to his knees. As he was on his knees, Mago looked up at Barca and in an admiring tone stated" Barca, you are my son!" Barca told him “And I live veral father" he then stabbed Mago through the throat after some hesitation.

From that moment on Barca became the "Beast of Carthage" and was then purchased by Titus Lentulus Batiatus.


  • This chapter reveals Barca's history before he became a slave and how he joined Batiatus' Ludus.
  • It is revealed that Barca led an army against Rome.

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