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Template Usage

{{Spartacus Wiki:Character Template
|name               = 
|image              = 
|first              = 
|final              = 
|profession         = 
|race               = 
|relationships      =
|status             = 
|actor              = 

Usage Notes

The character infobox is used to provide meta information about each character in the Spartacus universe. All fields in the infobox are mandatory.

  • name - The full name of the character in English.
  • image - A link to the image of the character. Should be named after the character and automatically sized to be 200px.
  • first - The character's first appearance in the series.
  • final - The character's final appearance in the series.
  • profession - The character's profession in the series (i.e. Gladiator, Senator, etc.).
  • race - The country/ethnicity that the character is affiliated with.
  • relationships - The marital status and/or immediate family of the character.
  • status - The status of the character (either Active, Killed by x, or Injured by x).
  • actor - Who plays the character in the series.