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Tasgetius and Synetus.jpg
First appearance S0E06: The Bitter End
Last appearance S0E06: The Bitter End
Profession Gladiator
Race Dacian
Relationships Tasgetius (Ally, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Gannicus)
Actor/Actress Uncredited

Synetus is a Gladiator from Capua.

Character Outline[]

He is seen in the series fighting with one Gladius and is fighting in a style of Murmillo.

Gods of the Arena[]

Synetus and his fellow gladiator, Tasgetius were scheduled to fight Gannicus in the match before the Primus at the Games of the New Arena. Gannicus proved too much for the duo's combined might and eventually Gannicus slashed their throats, killing them.


Oenomaus (to Gannicus): "You will face Tasgetius and Synetus in the match before the primus."