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Spoils of War
Season 3
Number Episode 06
Date Aired March 8, 2013
Writer Jed Whedon
Director Mark Beesley
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"Spoils of War" is the sixth episode of Spartacus: War of the Damned. It is the thirty-fifth episode of the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline[]

As Crassus leads an onslaught against the rebel-occupied city, Gannicus is trapped behind enemy lines. Tiberius is tasked by Crassus to hold a celebration in honour of a man he despises.


Crassus and his men arrive to retake Sinuessa en Valle. The rebels quickly realize that they have to flee from the overwhelming numbers, but they all doubt whether they will have the necessary time to evacuate. Gannicus volunteers to stay behind and create a distraction to give the others time to escape. When Spartacus asks him what he plans to do, he remarks that he has no idea. Spartacus tries to urge him against the action by telling him to move with the others and says he will draw the Romans away, but Gannicus insists Spartacus lead the rebels justifying it with the fact Spartacus' death will be a fatal blow while

Gannicus telling Spartacus & the other Rebels to go.

his death is of less concern. Saxa and Spartacus attempt one last time to get Gannicus to come with them, but a Roman horn blows, signaling more troops. Gannicus urges them to leave but Spartacus says "We shall wait for you as long as we are able brother".

Saxa tells Gannicus not to die and he tells her the same. He turns and sees Donar, who remained behind. Donar tells him that his own death would be an even smaller concern, telling Gannicus that he is staying to help. Gannicus tells him to stay close as he would not have this night as their last.

Elsewhere in the city, Lugo and Nasir are fighting a squad of Romans and are able to kill most of them. As they are finishing off the Romans, Nasir is almost stabbed through the back when Castus arrives and saves him by stabbing the soldier in the back with a spear. Agron shows up and rushes to attack Castus who tries to defend himself but Agron breaks the spear in half leading to a standoff. Nasir asks Agron why is he doing that as Castus saved him. The German accuses Castus of being apart of Heracleo's plot but Castus denies it, saying he awoke from drink to find his comrades gone, and that he was left out of the plan. Nasir assures Castus had no hand in the attack, but Agron remains unconvinced. Lugo then says more Romans are coming. Agron tells Castus not to attempt to obtain a weapon or he'll kill him, as the group then make their way to the escape point.

Gannicus and Donar spread pitch around the horreum, preparing to light them on fire. Suddenly Sibyl emerges from one of the stalls. She had been hiding from the Romans and throws herself under Gannicus' protection. Although annoyed at the delay she will cause, he nevertheless orders her to stay close to his side and keep silent as he throws a torch down, causing the horreum to be set on fire. In the rebel training yard, Caesar and Crassus are easily killing rebels when they notice the flames of the horrum. Caesar states they are trying to burn the city. Rufus appears and tells Crassus three sentries have been dispatched to put out the flames, but Crassus tells him to recall them and move toward desired path. Caesar questions why Crassus recalled his men as Spartacus is trying to take away any chance of victory. Crassus replies that he has "set plans in motion and will not fall to distraction". He then has his men move toward the northern gate where the rebels are beginning to evacuate from.  

Gannicus and Donar are fighting a group of soldiers in a side street and Donar is badly wounded when a soldier counters one of his attacks and stabs him in the side. Gannicus kills the remaining soldiers but is wounded in the process. From there, he looks at Donar and believes him to be dead, and Sibyl tells him "If I am to die it lifts heart to share final moment with you". Gannicus says that despite all the deaths that night, she won't be among them he grabs her hand and takes her to hide somewhere safe.

Spartacus and the rest of the Rebels are evacuating the city by the northern gate as Agron and Nasir appear with Castus. Crixus calls him a traitor and tries to attack him, but Nasir defends him saying that Castus knew nothing of Heracleo's betrayal. Spartacus says there was no time to place accusations and orders Castus' hands be tied and has him escorted out with the rebels. He then tells the rebels that those who can fight take rear position while the civilians go to the ridge.

At that moment, more Romans attack, but Spartacus and Crixus set the ropes,

Spartacus and Crassus meet for the first time.

holding the gate open, on fire, as they fight the Romans. The burning rope begins to break causing Naevia to scream out for Crixus who looks to Spartacus who tells him to get out of the city. As Spartacus kills another Roman, Crassus and Caesar arrive. Caesar points out the rebel king as "The man you seek". Crassus shouts Spartacus' name. Spartacus turns and the two leaders encounter each other for the first time. Crassus then orders his men to "Sieze him". Caesar and the men charge at Spartacus who is forced to roll under the descending gate to escape the advancing Romans and to get though before the gate shuts. Crassus seems unconcerned and orders his men not to follow, instead rounding up the survivors left in the city to be executed in celebration of the Roman victory.

The next morning it is revealed that Donar survived his wound as he awakens to find a group of Romans surrounding him. He looks at the head scout and says "Fuck your little bird you Roman cunt". The soldier knocks him out by stomping on his head. A group of Romans are investigating the city stables searching for rebels. As they look around it reveals Gannicus had hid him and Sibyl under the floorboards of the stables (where Laeta kept the surviving Romans). As they remain hidden Sibyl dresses Gannicus' wounds and they talk about her life before he freed her. Gannicus softens towards her when she thanks him again and assures him that his actions made a big difference in her life.

Elsewhere in the city, Crassus discusses business with his men until going to his office to find Caesar (who has shaven his beard and cut his hair) speaking with Metellus. Metellus praises both Crassus and Caesar for their actions, so Crassus then invites the senator to the executions, which he accepts. After he leaves Crassus and Caesar show their disdain for the man. Caesar then talks about how Spartacus and his forces live but Crassus says the ridge is impassable. Caesar says those words may have been broken by the fool Glaber when he had Spartacus trapped on Vesuvius. Crassus then asks in an intimidating tone if Caesar is questioning his authority, which leads Caesar to quickly back down and compliment crassus over his machinations. Crassus tells him to relax as Spartacus will soon fall and tells him to be ready for the celebration. Caesar says "Would that the Thracian's head upon pike bore witness to such laurels" but Crassus again tells Caesar to be patient about such a thing as it will soon come to pass. 

Kore staring out the window looking at the seas.

Kore is staring out a window looking over the seas when Crassus suddenly surprises her the two talk about the successful attack on the city until Crassus tells Kore she is to be removed from the follower's camp Kore begins to cry and Crassus tells her she should be happy but Kore tells him they are tears of joy. Crassus asks if her time in the camp has been horrible Kore tells him it is beyond the telling of it. Tiberius arrives and says it is his fault as "he'd laid upon Kore heavy burden" and lies that he went to her for comfort over the death of Sabinus and his participation in it. Crassus (unware that these are subtle hints of Tiberius raping Kore) tell him that a man must do what he can in war he then sends Kore to prepare meal. As she leaves Tiberius remarks on how the war is changing Kore and his father remarks on how she is not the only one who has changed and compliments Tiberius over his progress in the days after Decimation believing he thought it would be too much for him to handle. He tells his son that if he keeps this up he will be reinstated in the army which Tiberius questions as he thought Crassus summoned him to reinstate him but Crassus says Tiberius is to honor someone who took part in taking the city. Tiberius at first thinks its his father who reveals it to be Caesar whom Tiberius dislikes his father tells him Caesar will one day become a person of high importance and is to be praised he tells Tiberius to make peace. Tiberius says he will his father says "Many a boy may enter war but only a man shall emerge and it warms my heart to see you become one". Tiberius says "I am what you made me" Crassus happily embraces his son who gives an unintersted look while his father is pleased. It then goes to the kitchen where Kore is picking wine when Tiberius appears he remarks that the wine she is picking is the one she favors she tells him it is for his father. Tiberius tells her that many things are for the "Imperator" and subtly threatens her not to inform Crassus of her rape Kore frantically asks "Do all the years I have cared for you stand for nothing ?! ". After slightly hesitating, Tiberius shrugs it off and remarks that they have brought great comfort and says it would be a shame to see her turned from their house and tells her the rape was really her giving herself to Tiberius to ease his pain and says in a dark tone "If errant word falls from tongue only suffering will fall from it by the hands of the Imperator or my own and I will not be as gentle next time" He leaves while Kore begins to sob in private.

Tiberius telling Kore he won't be as gentle next time.

Laeta meetimg with Crassus.

Crassus summons Laeta to speak to him, requesting her honest appraisal of Spartacus. She is initially reluctant, but eventually confesses that Spartacus is not the revenge-driven beast one would expect. Crassus thanks her, then Heracleo (who survived Spartacus' attack, shown by the stitches on his forehead) walks in with his men. Apparently, Crassus struck a deal to ensure the pirates co-operation and Laeta is part of the bargain. Laeta protests that she is a Roman but Crassus replies "One that gave aid to our enemy for whatever the reason". Laeta tells Crassus that he cannot do this, however, Crassus coldly retorts "It is already done". The pirates bind Laeta and Heracleo promises to show Laeta a life beyond the city. He speaks with Crassus who tells him to leave the city at appointed hour or be killed. Sibyl is lying in the stables twitching when a hand covers her mouth she awakens and sees Gannicus who tells her more Romans are approaching Sibyl says they can't stay in the stables much longer Gannicus tells her the only thing they can do is pray. While a Roman is searching the stables he hears a noise coming from the ground he

Sibyl hiding from the Romans.

move some hay and find the hatch and opens it to discover Sibyl he grins but is suddenly pulled down by Gannicus who stabs in the neck. Gannicus hands Sibyl a knife and tells her if he doesn't return to kill herself saying it would be a kindness compared to what the romans will do. He open the hatch and goes to fight the Romans in the stables Sibyl hears the sounds and becomes scared especially when bloodied sword goes through the floor. She hears footsteps coming towards her and slowly moves her knife to her neck the door opens and it turns to be Gannicus who tells her he begins to believe in her gods and tells her "Let us see how far they will take us" The two then hide on rooftops where Sibyl notices Heracleo in the streets, Gannicus remarks " The traitor yet lives" he tells Sibyl to come with him . Heracleo takes Laeta to Attius' former forge to be branded, intending to leave the city with her as his slave, but Gannicus interrupts their departure intent on revenge for the pirates betrayal. Heracleo says the death of the rebels was necessary as he was given a choice of either die a merciless death or to become a wealthy man. He also says he knows that Gannicus thinks that he and his men are "Shit eating Cilicians no match for a God of the Arena". Heracleo warns Gannicus that his sword might find Gannicus' woman's throat before he dies, but Gannicus states Sibyl is not his woman. Gannicus lunges at the pirate captain easily knocking him down he then begins to cut down the pirates. while he does so Heracleo still conscious attempts to attack Sibyl who tries to fight back with a shackle but she is no match for Heracleo who grabs her. Gannicus calls out her name as Heracleo presses his blade to her throat he taunts Gannicus by saying "So you do care for the little one ?! Well it is a pity you have killed her !" Heracleo prepares to kill Sibyl while gannicus screams out "No !". Unnoticed by all Laeta appears behind Heracleo and pushes a burning iron through the pirates throat, killing him. Gannicus runs to embrace Sibyl and checks her for injury but she says she is okay Gannicus tells her they need to leave quickly. Sibyl asks him about Laeta, to which Gannicus replies " She stands Roman" but she says she stands nothing but a slave as he once did he shows them

Heracleo's death by Laeta.

her brand.   At night, Donar is watching with horror as most of his comrades are being tortured to death in Carnificia, a celebration held in Caesar's honor. Donar is seen among the prisoners and when he insults the Romans for their cowardice, Tiberius, noticing this behavior, secretly unlocks his chains, intending for Donar to kill Caesar. Tiberius invites Caesar to personally execute the final rebel by giving him high praise, due in Carnificia the last kill symbolizes the pinnacle of victory.Donar strikes Caesar with his released shackles and begins attacking the guards. Crassus orders him to be killed but Caesar who realizes what's going on says it is a blessing from the gods

Donar's Suicide.

that he gets to really fight to honor Crassus and Tiberius. Crassus allows the fight and Caesar tosses Donar a weapon and tells him to show what challenge his rebellion truly offers as the two begin to fight. Donar looks set to win the match, until Caesar takes advantage of the injuries he suffered earlier. Caesar tells Donar he fought well but Donar retorts "Swallow cock, you Roman shit". Angered, Caesar tries to land a killing blow but Donar stabs himself in the throat, dying at his own hands rather than by the Romans. Crassus gets up and tells soldiers that the even greatest warriors among the rebels take their own life in fear of Caesar. The soldiers approve and Caesar is satisfied with the praise. 

Gannicus disguises himself as Heracleo, but Caesar, who is leaving the celebration, notices Laeta and Sibyl. He stops the three by calling out for Gannicus and says that Crassus only granted Heracleo one woman and Gannicus is forced to reveal himself. He wounds Caesar, kills several others and escapes with Sibyl and Laeta, who is wounded by a stab from a spear on horse.

They rejoin Spartacus and the rebels but their relief is short-lived as Spartacus reveals Crassus' next move. A

Spartacus And Gannicus Looking at Crassus Wall.

trench has been dug and behind it a giant wall surrounded by Roman soldiers. Gannicus asks "How is such a thing possible ?" Spartacus replies "Nothing is beyond reach for the richest man in all the republic". Spartacus tells him it was always Crassus' plan to trap them upon the ridge and says " He will march from the city with his army behind us and when he comes death shall follow in his wake."

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Caesar
  2. Agron
  3. Donar
  4. Saxa
  5. Crassus
  6. Rufus
  7. Spartacus
  8. Crixus
  9. Gannicus
  10. Naevia
  11. Nasir
  12. Lugo
  13. Castus
  14. Sibyl
  15. Laeta
  16. Kore
  17. Tiberius
  18. Heracleo

Historical Context[]

Spartacus and his army were recorded as having taken over one city in 72 BC, Thurii, which was later taken back by Crassus and his legions. Several surviving rebels who escaped from the final battle were said to have returned to Thurii, living there for around a decade, perhaps even taking on the identities of former Roman residents who lived there. Before leaving for Macedonia, Propraetor Gaius Octavius (the father of future Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar) was sent to Thurii in 61 BC to put down a growing slave rebellion, including these former rebels from Spartacus' revolt.


  • When Crassus says "Then he and I stand the same. Each believes himself the hero, the other villain. It is for history to decide who is mistaken" his actor, Simon Merrells, looked directly at the camera, very subtly breaking the 4th wall.
  • While this is the offical first meeting of Spartacus and Crassus, They do meet in the book, Spartacus: Morituri before this, while Spartacus is still in Batiatus' ludus.
  • Gannicus and Sibyl hide under the stables which is where Laeta hid some of the surviving Romans. 
  • Spartacus remarking "And I believe myself a difficult man to kill" to Gannicus' survival, mirrors the line he said to Mira; "I have proven troublesome to kill".
  • Adherbal, Heracleo and his two remainings pirates are killed in this episode.


  • "My passing would be of even lesser concern than yours." Donar to Gannicus.
  • "Well fought brother" Caesar to Donar
  • "Swallow cock, you roman shit!" Donar's last words to Caesar.
  • "And I believe myself difficult man to kill." Spartacus to Gannicus regarding his survival.



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