Spartacus Wiki

The Spartacus: Blood and Sand Wiki admits new Administrators on a nomination basis. Anyone may nominate a member of the Wikia's community, including themselves. Members of the wiki will then be able to vote on the nominee. However, nominees must:

  • Be registered contributors with a good edit history
  • Have no previous bans or suspensions
  • Be active on this Wiki

Nominate whoever you want, and as many nominees as you want.

You can vote for as many people as you want, but one vote per nominee. Nominees may also vote for themselves. Sign your votes!

Nominees must receive a majority approval by administrators of the wiki. If a majority cannot be reached, a final decision will be rendered by the Bureaucrats of the Wiki.

If you are nominated for an admin position, and you do not want it, simply post that you do not want to be an admin under your nomination, and you will be removed from the running. THE REMOVAL OF A CANDIDATE WILL BE VERIFIED BEFORE THEY ARE ACTUALLY REMOVED.

Current Nominations[]

Approved or Denied Nominees (reason)[]