Spartacus Wiki

This Official Policy page outlines acceptable guidelines of the Spartacus Wiki.

The Spartacus: Blood and Sand Wiki:Layout Guide outlines the correct format in which new articles should be laid out.

General Editing[]

  • Feel free to fill in or correct information on any articles that need the attention.
  • When adding new information, please reference it properly by typing
<ref>''Spartacus: Blood and Sand'' Season X; Episode Y</ref>
If there are multiple references on a page, type the first references by using
<ref name="sXeY">''Spartacus: Blood and Sand'' Season X; Episode Y</ref>
and any subsequent references as
<ref name="sXeY"/>
when "sX" designates the season number and "eY" designates the episode number of that season.


Speculation is considered inserting one's own opinion into an article. This is not allowed in any official articles and will be strictly enforced. If something happened in the series that causes an editor to question what to write, bring the issue up in the talk page. For example, if a character appeared to be fatally wounded but their true status is unknown, then they will either be considered "Seriously Wounded" or "Unconfirmed;" a character is not dead unless it is explicitly known. Keep all speculation to the User Talk Pages and the forums. Possible speculation in edits will be reverted immediately.

Administrators reserve the right to make a final decision on questionable speculation. A majority administrator vote is final unless proven otherwise.


As language is a purposeful aspect of the series, foul language is acceptable only in the "Quotes" section of each character's pages. Language should not be used in one's User Page, Talk Page, Forums, or in any official articles. This is considered abuse of one's User Rights. Offenders will be given two warnings to correct their behavior and a third violation will result in being either temporarily or permanently banned from editing on the site."

Image Use[]

For the full guidelines on the use of images in the wiki, see the Spartacus Blood and Sand Wiki:Image Policy.


Purposely distorting or maliciously altering user pages and/or articles is treated as a harsh offense. Violators will be given One Warning and any other offenses will result in a permanent ban.


Quotes applied to Character articles should reveal some aspect of the character's attitude, beliefs, or feelings. Each quote should be word-for-word from the series. Only the following curse words will be allowed: damn, ass, bastard, and shit; all others should include the first letter of the word and use asterisks (*) in place of every other letter. Quotes should be fully referenced in the above format.

User Rights[]