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Spartacus: Legends is a fighting-style game. It was released on the PlayStation Network on June 6th 2013 (Algeria) and worldwide on Xbox Live Arcade on June 26th 2013. The game was developed by Kung Fu Factory and Published by Ubisoft. Spartacus Legends is free to play, but some in-game content can be bought using real currency.


The game takes place after the events of Vengeance, and perhaps after War of the Damned. The player buys the infamous Batiatus' Ludus and uses it to maintain a Ludus of their own.

The player takes on the role of a Lanista and one of their Gladiator’s in battle. The player must buy, train, and equip a "stable" of warriors and send them to the arena to fight other gladiators.

As the story progresses, the player can face stronger opponents and gain better rewards. The goal is to become as famous and prestigious as possible, while maintaining both a Ludus and its Gladiators.

Gladiator styles[]

Sword and Shield - A highly defensive style with medium range and power.(Murmillo, Thraex or Samnite).

Spartacus Legends fight.jpg
  • Think "reality" when making one of them. Make a battle tank Murmillo with low mobility and high defense then counter strike, or a more mobile, light weight, Thraex.
  • Samnite Gladiators can’t be made until level 10-15.
  • This style is used by Oenomaus in the game.
  • His shield varies in size from Parmula to Scutum.

Dual Swords - High speed, low defense, medium range and power. (Dimachaerus).

  • You can either go with Sicae, Gladii or Thracian swords.
  • Dual-Daggers - Most agile, but short range, low power and defense. (Similar to Dimachaerus, see Saxa or The Egyptian).
  • Two-Handed Hammer - Great power, medium range, low defense and speed. (Secutor style).
  • Two-Handed Sword - All-around class.
    • They wield either a two-handed Spatha, Falx, or Broadsword.
Spartacus Legends Ludus fight.png

Trident - Longest range, but terrible up close. Is average with everything else. (Retiarius, without net).

  • Their weapons go from basic two-teeth fishing harpoon to six-teeth Fuscina.

Spear and Shield - Long range and quick with high defense, but power suffers. (Hoplomachus, without dagger).

Unarmed - Low power, low range, and fast speed.

  • To use effectively, a very fast and powerful gladiator (with a high damage %) is required. He should then be boosted with armor, a helmet and boots.
  • The Drop-Kick can go through any attack without being hit.


Each time you kill an opponent you get a perk. Special opponents have more unique perks, while random opponents produce a more common, random perk. Perks have color classes like the gladiators and weapons have; grey, green and blue. These colors can only been viewed in the Ludus.

Replacing a perk with another perk cost gold, so picking perks carefully is important.

For a complete list of all perks see Spartacus Legends: Perks.

Fighting Arenas[]

There are six arenas, each with their own gladiators and champions. The higher leveled areas come with higher risk and reward. Beating the Legendary Gladiator of an area makes him available for purchase in the Ludus. Each Legendary Gladiator's cost varies from seven gold and up. Two additional arenas are playable as of the latest update as well.


  • This is Batiatus' Ludus.
  • A low risk, low reward arena, full of easy opponents.
  • Requires dual daggers to complete.
  • Legend: Oenomaus, wielding a sword and shield, with the armor he wore against Theokoles in the show.


  • This is the market place.
  • Risk, reward, and difficulty rise a minuscule amount.
  • Legend is a duel-wielding dagger fighter named Acolytus/Aceirbitas. He has nothing to do with the former champion of Batiatus' House. He wears a helmet similar to the one worn by Caburus and his chest and leg gear is the same as the one worn by Gannicus in the final battle of Gods of the Arena. 

Domus Nobilium[]

  • Level three fame, coin, and lethality.
  • Tiberius longsword (Two-handed sword).
  • Hamilmax the Smasher.
  • Petrus Bloodtide.
  • Velerian Swifthammer.
  • Phosforus Goldenrod
  • Legend: Masonius, in his classic Hoplomachus attire but with a clearer skin (more tanned than Numidian).


  • This is The Pit.
  • Highest risk, highest coin, lowest fame.
  • 5 skull lethality.
  • Otho the savage, He carries a Two-handed Hammer, and requires a Two-handed Hammer to fight.
  • Iduna Twin-fang.
  • Ferox The Skull collector.
  • Rohan the barbaric.
  • Iothar of the Hills.
  • Legend: Ixion, he is wielding a two-handed hammer as he used when he killed Kerza.

Oscan Capua[]

  • This is the Old Arena.
  • Mid-Level coin and level 4 fame.
  • 4 skull lethality.
  • Wilhelm the Proud: Carries a Two-handed Sword, and needs a Two-handed sword to fight.
  • Seighard the Heartless.
  • Tacitus the Silent.
  • Priscus Five-fangs (Level 10 required).
  • Vitalis the leech (Level 11 required).
  • Legend: Crixus (Level 12 required), he is wearing is classic armor from the fight against Theokoles and a two-handed sword instead of his classic Murmillo attire.


  • Level 10 fame to unlock.
  • 4 skull lethality.
  • Level 4 coin, highest fame.
  • Hrowolf: Carries a spear and shield combo.
  • Two-handed trident challenger.
  • Spear and shield challenger.
  • Remus Wolf Child (level 11 required) requires a Spear and Shield to fight him. He uses Dual Daggers.
  • Hannibal the Cannibal (Level 12 required).
  • Severos the Hunter (Level 13 required).
  • Baal (Level 14 required).
  • Legend: Spartacus (Level 15 required), fighting in the Dimachaerus style with a pair of Sica. He is wearing Ludus gear instead of his Champion gear.

Spectacula (Nighttime)[]

  • Unlocks after the latest update for play in either the Community Boss fights or Wager Matches.
  • 4 skull lethality.
  • Level 4 coin, highest fame.
  • This arena is based on the Coloseum in Capua during the Ring of Fire battle in which Gannicus won his freedom in Gods of the Arena.

Rebel Arena[]

  • Unlocks after the latest update for play in Wager Matches.
  • 4 skull lethality.
  • Level 4 coin, highest fame.
  • This arena is based on the hillside makeshift Arena that Spartacus' Rebels created as tribute to Crixus after he fell in battle in War of the Damned.

Primus Bosses[]

The game features many characters from the Spartacus TV series. Some are unlockable by doing certain tasks in the game. Some can be unlocked by beating them in the Primus fights, others can be unlocked by beating them in Nemesis fights.  Full details on these characters can be viewed below.

The first characters are the Bosses that are unlockable while playing the Primus fights.  They are as follows:

As you fight in the Primus and defeat all the six bosses, they reset with higher stats. The stats continue to raise higher and higher until you defeat them and cause it to reset them 4 times... after the 4th time you defeated them all, the stats on the bosses remain the same. You can fight and reset the Primus fights 7 times, then they will dissapear from the game and the challenges and online options in the various Arenas are then the only fights available.  The following is a listing of the stats for each of the bosses in the first 4 times of playing through the Primus':


1. Ocena: 235, Zdrowie: 76 Obrona: 78 Obrażenia

%: 173

2. Rating: 385, Health: 109, Defense: 111, Damage %: 222

3. Rating: 460, Health: 126, Defense: 128, Damage %: 247

4. Rating: 685, Health: 176, Defense: 178, Damage %: 322

Current final recruitable Oenomaus is the same stats as #1


1. Ocena: 235 Zdrowie: 108 Obrona: 80 Obrażenia

%: 160

2. Rating: 375, Health: 141, Defense: 113, Damage %: 210

3. Rating: 450, Health: 158, Defense: 130, Damage %: 235

4. Rating: 660, Health: 204, Defense: 176, Damage %: 306

Current final recruitable Acolytus is the same stats as #1


1. Ocena: 325, Zdrowie: 83 Obrona: 78 Obrażenia

%: 181

2. Rating: 475, Health: 116, Defense: 111, Damage %: 231

3. Rating: 550, Health: 133, Defense: 128, Damage %: 256

4. Rating: 730, Health: 173, Defense: 168, Damage %: 316

Current final recruitable Ixion is the same stats as #1


1. Ocena: 282 Zdrowie: 107 Obrona: 97 Obrażenia

%: 178

2. Rating: 432, Health: 136, Defense: 144, Damage %: 191

3. Rating: 507, Health: 152, Defense: 161, Damage %: 216

4. Rating: 702, Health: 196, Defense: 204, Damage %: 281

Current final recruitable Masonius is the same stats as #1


1. Ocena: 350 Zdrowie: 102 Obrona: 102, Obrażenia

%: 176

2. Rating: 500, Health: 135, Defense: 135, Damage %: 226

3. Rating: 575, Health: 152, Defense: 152, Damage %: 251

4. Rating: 740, Health: 189, Defense: 189, Damage %: 306

Current final recruitable Crixus is the same stats as #1


1. Ocena: 345 Zdrowie: 105 Obrona: 84 Obrażenia

%: 171

2. Rating: 495, Health: 138, Defense: 118, Damage %: 221

3. Rating: 570, Health: 155, Defense: 134, Damage %: 246

4. Rating: 720, Health: 188, Defense: 168, Damage %: 296

Current final recruitable Spartacus is the same stats as #1

Nemesis Bosses[]

Kolejne postacie z serialu są bossowie, które są odblokować grając walk Nemesis Są one następujące:

You must defeat each of these bosses 6 times across all the districts, unlike the Primus Bosses though... these bosses can change fight styles that differ from thier final recruitable style and their stats are different then the final recruit version as well.  So far the Nemesis fights are all fought in the same district order:

  • ===Extremus===
  • ===Mercatus===
  • ===Oscan Capua===
  • ===Domus Nobilium===
  • ===Spectacula===
  • ===Insulae===

Below is a list of all the released Nemesis bosses and their stats in each of their 6 fights:


1. Walka wręcz Vs. Dwa sztylety

Rating: 133, Health: 76, Defense: 82, Damage %: 144

2. Any Style Vs. Dual Daggers

Rating: 199, Health: 76, Defense: 82, Damage %: 151

3. Any Style Vs. Dual Swords

Rating: 238, Health: 87, Defense: 76, Damage %: 157

4. Dual Swords Vs. Dual Swords

Rating: 277, Health: 87, Defense: 76, Damage %: 166

5. Any Style Vs. Sword & Shield

Rating: 304, Health: 106, Defense: 95, Damage %: 145

6. Two Handed Hammer Vs. Sword & Shield

Rating: 344, Health: 109, Defense: 98, Damage %: 145

Final Recuitable Ashur

Rating: 385, Health: 122, Defense: 111, Damage %: 210


1. Walka wręcz Vs. Bezbronny

Rating: 233, Health: 94, Defense: 59, Damage %: 146

2. Spear & Shield Vs. Dual Swords

Rating: 290, Health: 94, Defense: 93, Damage %: 160

3. Any Style Vs. Two Handed Sword

Rating: 366, Health: 111, Defense: 93, Damage %: 196

4. Sword & Shield Vs. Dual Swords

Rating: 383, Health: 117, Defense: 93, Damage %: 195

5. Any Style Vs. Two Handed Sword 

Rating: 420, Health: 119, Defense: 97, Damage %: 221

6. Dual Swords Vs. Dual Swords

Rating: 428, Health: 125, Defense: 111, Damage %: 226

Final Recuitable Gannicus

Rating: 458, Health: 132, Defense: 114, Damage %: 241


1. Any Style Vs. Dual Daggers

Rating: 183, Health: 92, Defense: 89, Damage %: 140

2. Dual Daggers Vs. Dual Daggers

Rating: 254, Health: 92, Defense: 89, Damage %: 147

3. Any Style Vs. Two Handed Sword

Rating: 292, Health: 105, Defense: 93, Damage %: 160

4. Dual Sword Vs. Two Handed Sword

Rating: 308, Health: 111, Defense: 93, Damage %: 155

5. Any Style Vs. Sword & Shield

Rating: 310, Health: 114, Defense: 103, Damage %: 158

6. Two Handed Sword Vs. Sword & Shield

Rating: 350, Health: 121, Defense: 118, Damage %: 181

Final Recuitable Agron

Rating: 415, Health: 134, Defense: 131, Damage %: 206

Community Bosses[]

Each of these bosses are made to be like one of the huge monster characters from the show, like Theokoles.  So far these are NOT unlockable in any way, but they include:

Other characters names are seen in the game, however, these are not based on the characters, and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

Play Style[]

Spartacus Legends Misso.png

When a gladiator is purchased, he can be trained in one of eight fighting styles.[1] Once ready, he can be sent to face other players or computer opponents for rewards of gold, silver and fame.

If a Gladiator dies in battle, any weapons and armor will be returned, but any skills the Gladiator had goes with him. However, he may be revived at first for free and each consecutive time for more currency. If a legendary Gladiator dies, he is not given the option of revival, and instead must be purchased again.

As you gain more fame, you will level up and unlock new equipment, fighting arenas, challenges, and fighting styles. You may also gain fame and silver from online duels.

The unlockable legends from the show that you can purchase in the market  currently have the same stats as the version of them that you fight the first time in the Primus fights. They are priced as follows in the market:

  • Oemomaus - 7 GOLD
  • Acolytus - 8 GOLD
  • Ixion - 10 GOLD
  • Masonius - 9 GOLD
  • Crixus - 11 GOLD
  • Spartacus - 12 GOLD

The unlockable legends from the show in the Nemesis fights can be purchased in the market as well, they are all priced at 12 GOLD each.


For a list of the achievements see: Spartacus Legends: Achievements


  • People who bought the game on the PlayStation 3 the first day encountered a glitch that prevented them from purchasing additional gladiators. This error was quickly corrected the following morning and required those who purchased the game on the first day to re-download/install it. These players were sent a message giving them 50 gold (Valued at $4.99) for the inconvenience.
  • Gladiators with purple names cost 8 gold coins prior to level 21. After level 21 the price becomes 12,400 silver coins.
  • Gladiators with gold names cost 13 gold coins after they open up at level 21. Once you make it to level 31 the price becomes 11 gold. They remain 11 gold thereafter, never becoming lower than this.


  • There was a glitch that made it so the player was unable to recruit new gladiators.
    • The bug has since been fixed. If the bug continues, deleting and re-installing the game should fix this.
  • The game does not allow the changing of perks.
  • The Xbox servers won't connect, or are connecting very slowly, preventing the player from entering the game.
    • This may be due to the game being new, and the servers being full.
    • More servers were being added so the game had to go offline. The problem should now be fixed.
  • The Xbox version freezes after Primus battles, during the loading screen after the results.
  • When purchasing gladiators or items, they may disappear and any currency spent will not be returned.
  • If one player quits an online battle early, both players receive a warning. It is unknown if this is intentional.
  • - Rare Bug - After defeating Masonius on the Xbox version of the game, the game will freeze at the loading screen and require you to restart your Xbox. When loaded back up, you will have unlocked Masonius for purchase, but his fight will be needed to be completed again. The glitch is recurring and has no known fix.
  • Often times during online matches, one or both players won't be able to move or react, but still take damage from the other player. However, they will not be able to die, meaning the match won't end. The only solution is to reset the game or turn off the console.
  • After the second patch is installed, attempting to arm new gladiators will freeze the game.
  • During online match making, occasionally both players will fall to their 2nd wind, while 1 stays standing with little to no health. The standing player will be transitioned into their 2nd wind with the remaining little to no health while the other player is given the 2nd wind health.