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Sinuessa en valle

Sinuessa en Valle was a Roman city that Spartacus and the rebels invade in Wolves at the Gate. Following this invasion, the city becomes the rebels headquarters for a short time before it is liberated by the Romans. Most of the original population was killed during the siege.

Sinuessa was a city founded in the Roman Republic and into the Roman Empire. During 375 AD, Sinuessa was destroyed by an earthquake.

The ruins of Sinuessa are in the actual city of Mondragone.

Notable Residents[]


  • Sinuessa's capture by the rebels mirrors the city of Thurii, which was attacked and captured by the rebels in 72 BC, and later retaken by Crassus in either late 72 BC or early 71 BC.
  • After Gannicus had gained his freedom and became a wayward traveler, he came to Sinuessa en Valle and found himself staying there on occassion, as well as befriending the local blacksmith Attius.
  • Sinuessa began life in 296 BCE as a Roman military colony in Samnite-held territory in Campania.
  • Historically, Spartacus attacked, plundered and captured many towns and small cities around Italia, but Sinuessa was not among them.