First appearance S1E05: Shadow Games
Last appearance S1E05: Shadow Games
Profession Gladiator (Unknown House)
Race Hispanic
Relationships None
Status Unknown (presumed active)
Actor/Actress Uncredited
Septimus is a Gladiator who fought in the Arena the same day Spartacus and Crixus faced Theokoles in battle. He fought Valerius just before that event, becoming victor by delivering a head injury that ended his opponent's life.

Character OutlineEdit

Septimus appears to be a tall muscular man wearing a bandanna as his personal style, adorned with armor that covers his shoulders and part of his torso. Though seen carrying an axe, his original weaponry and style is not entirely clear (see 'Trivia' below).

Blood and SandEdit

Septimus appears, having just slain Valerius in combat, to which Numerius makes the acute observation about the battle, happy that he was correct over the victor. Numerius states that because Valerius drops his shield when he attacks, he leaves himself vulnerable to a counterattack from Septimus.


  • Numerius notes that Valerius' "weakness" leaves him open specifically to attack by an opponent with a spear. However his killer, Septimus, is clearly shown holding an axe after the battle. Either Numerius was just making an extra observation based on Valerius' past fights (and unrelated to his actual cause of death), or Septimus fought as a Hoplomachus (with spear) and picked up Valerius' own axe to finish him off. In the case of the latter, this then begs the question as to whether Valerius was using his shield with a sword (as would be expected) or the unusual combination of a shield and axe. The most likely explanation for this dilemma is simply a continuity error created by the difference between the visuals (Septimus' weapon) and the written script not matching, and that it was intended by the writer for Valerius to be a Murmillo or Thraex, and Septimus a Hoplomachus.
  • During many of Spartacus's battles, a man wearing similar attire to Septimus is slain by having his neck slit during battle. However, the man killed by Spartacus has a smaller build and longer hair than Septimus, who is bald and is wide-shouldered. Given Starz' tendency to "recycle" gladiator costumes, this makes the suggestion that this was supposed to be Septimus rather unlikely.
  • Though depicted as Hispanic/Iberian, Septimus is a Latin name, meaning 'seventh'.