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Separate Paths
Season 3
Number Episode 08
Date Aired March 22, 2013
Writer Brent Fletcher
Director TJ Scott
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"Separate Paths" is the eighth episode of Spartacus: War of the Damned. It is the thirty-seventh episode of the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline[]

Spartacus and the rebels arrive at a crossroads. With the relentless Crassus driving his men hard in the pursuit of Spartacus, the conflict between Tiberius and Caesar escalates.


The Rebels have grown tired of staying just a few days ahead of Marcus Crassus. Respite comes in the form of a small village that they are able to overtake which is flush with food, drink, and shelter.

Crixus, who is tired of running, will lead a group to Rome itself to take the battle to the city while the main army is busy chasing Spartacus. Spartacus, weary of battle and acutally aware of the many who now depend on him, will lead everyone else, some fighters but mostly civilians, across the Alps to simple freedom.

Kore tearily, being questioned by Spartacus about her brand.

At night, the rebels make camp with Agron helping Laeta with a tent and he tells her that Spartacus has feelings for her, to her shock. A baby is born in the rebel camp, causing Naevia and Crixus to daydream about a simple family life, and exposing Kore as Crassus' slave when she helps deliver the child and lies about who her Dominus was. However, Spartacus spies her brand. She protests that she is not a spy and Spartacus is convinced by Laeta to spare her and she becomes Laeta's responsibility.

The Rebels taking over a villa.

Crixus has a conversation with Spartacus about their plans, and they decide to go their separate ways: Spartacus towards the Alps, and Crixus towards Rome with those who will follow him, planning to destroy the city itself. However, Spartacus asks Crixus for his help one last time. The next morning, they attack several villa's and take them over for the night in which Spartacus has his army celebrate in.

Spartacus and Crixus have a good conversation about all they've been through and have fought over. Crixus notes that if they had always agreed they might not have made it as far.

Nasir and Agron part ways.

Agron also decides that freedom of sheep farming beyond the Alps is not for him and that he will go with Crixus to do battle in Rome and has a tearful goodbye with Nasir who he wants to stay with Spartacus. Agron and Spartacus also share a heartfelt goodbye.

Gannicus has a more low-key goodbye with Saxa, who knows what he's up to with Sibyl and says he does not have to worry about her ruining the "little thing" as he would do so with his ways and find his way back to her bed.

Spartacus and Laeta making love.

After a rejuvenating night of drinking and debauchery, Spartacus and Laeta talk in which they trade a few barbs before he tries to leave but she quickly stops him, wanting his company. They stare at each other for a while before he kisses her to her surprise, but she soon returns it with it being intense. After the kiss, Spartacus says he can't give her his heart. Undeterred by this statement, Laeta comes onto him by stating she doesn't want his heart but something else before they make passionate love on the floor.

The next morning, everyone says their goodbyes with Gannicus talking to Crixus about their first meeting and is now proud to see him leading an army. He says his goodbyes to Crixus who says he'd consider it a blessing from Jupiter if Gannicus were to follow him and his army to Rome. Gannicus denies the offer, saying he follows another path as Crixus turns to see who Gannicus is staring at only to see it's Sibyl, he smiles and says there is no greater path that a man must follow.

Gannicus and Sibyl kissing.

With that, Gannicus bids Crixus farewell and luck on his journey to Rome and goes up to Sibyl and kisses her symbolizing that she is now his woman.

Spartacus and Crixus speak as the latter notes on how he was wrong when he once said that he and Spartacus couldn't be friends let alone brothers. Spartacus accepts this and the two shake hands one last time before marching their respective armies in opposite directions.

In the Roman encampment Senator Metellus arrives, incensed that Crassus was unable to defeat Spartacus on the ridge. He sputters about the embarrassment to him and wonders aloud if he can still defeat Spartacus. Crassus reminds him of their financial arrangement. Metellus then says that the name Crassus is starting to taint his name but Crassus says that he will still defeat Spartacus. Metellus states "Lofty words from a man's whose most trusted slave is said to have joined the rebel king". In a moment of madness, fueled by the departure of Kore, he punches Metellus in the chest Caesar attempts to stop the argument but Tiberius warns to stay out of it. Metellus tells Crassus that he has lost his mind, and that he will see that the Senate cast him aside for laying hands upon on an "honored member". Crassus then brutally beats Metellus in front of a  surprised and frightened Tiberius and

Crassus, beating Metellus.

Caesar. Crassus punches Metellus to the ground and is about to beat him again, but Caesar stops him. Crassus tells the scared Senator that if he returns to Rome and speaks of this, or says anything against him, he will devote fortune toward his death in darkest of night.

Caesar goes to Tiberius privately to implore him to prevail upon his father to calm himself and see reason and forget about Kore. He then essentially tells Tiberius that he knows that if he raped Kore and that's why she ran away he's going to tell on him to help vaunt himself back to being right hand man.

Crassus figures out that Spartacus and Crixus have divided their forces by having Crixus going to Rome and Spartacus taking the defenseless rebels going into the Alps. Caesar wants to defend Rome but Tiberius wants to chase Spartacus. Caesar leans to helping defend Rome, but fears it will jeopardize their killing Spartacus and gaining the glory.

Tiberius does not care for Caesar being incensed or his earlier threat about Kore and after he talks to his father and sees how upset he really is about Kore and how much his father thinks of Caesar, and Tiberius himself, he decides to take matters into his own hands. The two men fight and Caesar says Tiberius can't kill him and dispose of his body without consequence since he is "Julius fucking Caesar." So Tiberius has two of his guards hold Caesar down while he rapes him, asserting his total dominance and assuring that Caesar will not tell his father about Kore or he'll tell the men of his rape.

Crixus killng Arrius.

Crixus, Agron, Naevia and the others make for Rome and it is a bloody trail. At first they think things are doing well, Crixus kills Arrius, but the tide turns as they try to approach the city itself.

Since Crassus got word to Rome, the rebels are outnumbered and, even after a battle cry by Crixus, ultimately fall to the Romans whose numbers include Crassus' men, who made it in time. Caesar is leading men on foot because he can't sit on a horse. Tiberius covers saying he commanded Caesar to rally the common men on foot since they hold Caesar in such high regard. Crassus says it's time to see this fight to proper end so they can turn back to chasing Spartacus.

Agron defeated.

The fight is beyond bloody and devastating. Crixus commands his force to fall back and reform upon higher advantage but despite this, many rebels are killed such as Verenda and Ortius. Caesar kills Brictius, and after that Agron attempts to fight Caesar but is gravely wounded by a passing Tiberius and falls to the ground unconscious. Crixus and Naevia realise there are too many Romans and Crixus exclaims "If Crassus falls we may yet sieze the day". He grabs a spear and tries to kill Crassus as his final move to achieve victory, but is attacked by Caesar who he engages in a fierce battle with. Although he easily defeats him, as he moves to finish the future dictator, he is stabbed in the back with a spear by Tiberius who tells Caesar "I will not see you so easily removed from this world Gaius!". Naevia calls out to Crixus but

Crixus' beheading, seen in Naevia's eye's reflection.

Tiberius tells his men to silence her. Crassus appears and says he would use opportunity to taunt Spartacus of his end and orders that Crixus be excuted by decapitation. Naevia screams as she is forced watch as Tiberius recovers his sword and beheads Crixus with it. 

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Spartacus
  2. Marcus Crassus
  3. Crixus
  4. Agron
  5. Gannicus
  6. Naevia
  7. Nasir
  8. Castus
  9. Sibyl
  10. Laeta
  11. Lugo
  12. Saxa
  13. Kore
  14. Tiberius
  15. Caesar
  16. Metellus
  17. Rufus


  • "I did as you ask, please spare my life"- Wounded Roman soldier to Spartacus
  • "You beg the wrong man"- Spartacus to the wounded soldier
  • "It is not your heart I'm after this night- Laeta to Spartacus
  • "Arrius has fallen!"-Crixus, to his army

Historical Context[]

Historically, Crixus and Spartacus separated in 72 BC around the time the Consuls Gellius Publicola and Cornelius Lentulus were sent by the senate to end the rebellion. The main reason for Crixus' split is often assumed to be a fall out between the two leaders, but it is also assumed that he and Spartacus decided to split the army in half in order to better feed the entire army, and return as a full force in a few months or so. No doubt, many of Crixus' more loyal followers would have joined him including Gauls.

In the show, Crixus and his army reach the city of Rome, mere miles away. Historically however, Crixus and his army of around 30,000 made their way to the region of Apulia, and were ultimately forced into open battle against Consul Gellius Publicola and his legions near the Garganus Mountains (modern day Mount Gargano). Crixus, along with around 20,000 rebels were killed during the battle, and around 10,000 managed to make their way back to Spartacus' army.

Spartacus had first battled Cornelius Lentulus' forces in a region named Picenum and defeated the Consul. It is unknown if Crixus' surviving forces made their way back to Spartacus before or after his first battle with Lentulus, however they had likely rejoined Spartacus before he was forced to face Lentulus again, this time with Gellius' forces joining Lentulus. Spartacus succeeded in defeating Lentulus and Publicola's combined army, causing the two consuls and their remaining army to retreat. This defeat would ultimately lead to Marcus Licinius Crassus' taking command.

War of the Damned combines events that occurred in 72 and 71 BC as the Consuls Lentulus and Publicola aren't portrayed in the series (Cossinius and Furius instead take on the historical roles)  and so Crixus' separation from Spartacus in the show is actually reflective of both Crixus' split (72 BC) and Gannicus' and Castus' split (71 BC) from Spartacus' main army.

Crixus' final battle shows him defeating Arrius (known historically as Quintus Arrius). However, Arrius had served under Gellius during the historical battle against Crixus, aiding in ultimately defeating the rebel leader in Apulia. While Arrius in the show is killed by Crixus, he survived and served in Roman politics until around 52 BC.


  • In the previous episode, Crixus states "I will not die with a Roman sword in my back". In this episode, he is stabbed in the back with a spear and beheaded.
    • This could also refer to his family who were killed by the Averni, who wield spears.
  • With Crixus' death, all the main characters who appeared in all seasons are now deceased.
    • Although Naevia appears in each season, she is played by 2 different actresses.
  • In Decimation, it was hinted that Crixus and Naevia would leave Spartacus and take their own path of revenge against Rome.
  • Tiberius finally recovers his sword which he had lost in Men of Honor while killing Totus.
  • Saxa remains friend with Gannicus and has a new lover Belesa who meet her in Decimation.
  • In this episode, before having killed Arrius, Crixus kills off-screen many others generals. Not ever seen or mentioned since Enemies of Rome, Lucullus and Antonius are presumed to have been killed as well when Crixus claims that Arrius is the last obstacle between his army and Roma.



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