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First appearance S2E07: Sacramentum
Last appearance S2E07: Sacramentum
Profession Soldier
Escaped Slave
Race GermanTribe of Lemovices
Relationships Lugo (Comrade, deceased)
Saxa (Comrade, deceased)
Harudes (Comrade, deceased)
Nemetes (Comrade, deceased)
Totus (Comrade, deceased)
Agron (Rival)
Crixus (Rival, deceased)
Spartacus (Rival, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress Conan Stevens

Sedullus is a Germanic warrior captured by Romans and transported to Neapolis as a slave. He serves as the alpha male of his Germanic brethren.


Sedullus is a bearded giant of a man, able to pick up and throw an opponent as if they were a sack of grain. He is not particularly skilled at sword fighting. Due to his great size and strength, he prefers to wrestle his opponents into submission.


Sedullus is respected by his fellow Germanic ex-prisoners and comrades, and acknowledged as a great warrior and appears to be the "alpha" of their group. He is very boisterous, but also very aggressive, using his size and strength as a means to intimidate others and get what he wants. Because of this, Sedullus can be brutal and even savage towards others he deems weaker than him, even his fellow comrades.


Sedullus was on a ship moored at Neapolis, where he was to be sold as a slave. As Agron had planned beforehand to raid the ship to recruit more slaves, Lucius, Spartacus and Donar join him as the attempt to rescue the Germanics, Sedullus included. Sedullus and Agron, who share common native tongue and blood, briefly share dialogue, with Agron making his intentions known towards saving the slaves. A guard who understands their language overhears this, and a fight breaks out, although the rebels are victorious as the guards are killed, and Sedullus chokes the slave seller to death with his chains. Sedullus and the Germanic slaves then rejoice in celebratory success over their freedom, and join Spartacus' cause before departing for the temple.

Not long after joining the rebels, Sedullus shows contempt for Spartacus' leadership and the non-Germanics in their group, particularly Crixus, who Sedullus does not like and vice-versa. Distrust between the Germanics and the rebels further when Agron, Sedullus, and their comrades hunt for morning meal without Spartacus' permission or involvement. In addition to meat, they also raided a wagon full of wine, which does not suit well with the rebels. Sedullus mocks Spartacus for being 'sour' on the Germanics, and they leave to the temple with their stock.

Eventually, a breaking point is reached. During the festivities, Sedullus tries to rape Naevia, who was out to fetch wine, in the middle of the temple hallway, but is stabbed by her in his attempt. He strikes Naevia across the mouth and threatens to cut off her face, but not before Sedullus is stopped by Agron, as the two begin to fight. Sedullus easily overpowers Agron into the ground and repeatedly punches him in the face, yet this is seen by the rebels as sport, and they do not suspect foul play. Crixus initially watches them in amusement, however, he discovers the true nature of the fight when Naevia tells him what Sedullus did to her, and comes to Agron's aid. This spurs an all-out brawl between the rebels and the Germanics.

Following Sedullus getting a hold of a sword to attempt to kill Agron, as well as a warning from Mira, Spartacus saves Agron from death and very briefly tangles with Sedullus in a sword fight. Sedullus proves

Sedullus last moments.

an inexperienced novice with the sword, and after getting slashed across the stomach, Spartacus slices the Germanic leader's face in a clean slash. Sedullus' brain falls out, and his body falls to the ground, dead in defeat, along with bringing the brawl to a climactic end.

Following Sedullus' death, the Germanics pledge their loyalty to Spartacus; since he was able to defeat Sedullus, he was a great warrior to the Germanics, and proved worthy of following.


  • Conan Stevens, the actor who played Sedullus is 216cm (7' 1") tall and weighs 143kg(315 lbs).
    • Conan Stevens is the tallest and heaviest actor to appear on the show.
  • Though a Germanic, the name Sedullus is Gaulish (Julius Caesar mentions a certain Sedullos of the Lemovices in the Commentarii De Bello Gallico, for example).
  • Sedullus is one of three Germans named to be antagonists against Spartacus's leadership, the others are Harudes and Nemetes.
  • Sedullus is the first of Germans named to die and the only to be killed by Spartacus.


"Spill more Roman blood? Cock hardens at the f***ing thought!"


Death of Sedullus by Spartacus.