The Securis is a single-bladed, double-handed axe, usable as both a wood-chopping tool and a deadly weapon. It is naturally slower than a sword (especially a shorter blade such as a gladius), but can inflict terrible damage with a single hefty swing.


Bipennis A double-headed axe. See Bipennis.

In HistoryEdit

Roman soldiers used the Securis more as an agricultural tool than a weapon, unlike their "barbarian" opponents, such as the Franks.

Historically, there was no specific "class" of gladiator who wielded an axe. In the series, however, Secutors are consistently armed with a Securis instead of their traditional sword and shield.

On ScreenEdit

In the first series episode The Red Serpent, one of the gladiators sent to kill Spartacus in the arena is a Secutor who wields a securis.

In the episode Party Favors, Spartacus and Varro battle a large gladiator in armor who carries a securis.

In the episode Beneath The Mask, Ashur and Dagan fight in the arena against Hasdrubal and Kleitos, the former of which is a Secutor who carries a securis (which Ashur uses to kill him with).

In the first episode of Spartacus: Vengeance, Donar uses a small axe to kill a Roman soldier. From then on, he is seen with it throughout the season.

In episode two A Place In This World, Oenomaus and Caratacus face one another in The Pit. Oenomaus is given a securis to fight with.

In the book Swords and Ashes, Barca uncharacteristically fights with a securis in the primus of the Funeral Games of Marcus Pelorus.

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