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Gnaeus Tremellius Scrofa
First appearance S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Last appearance S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Profession Quaestor
Race Roman
Relationships None Specified
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress Uncredited

Gnaeus Tremellius Scrofa was a Roman Quaestor who fought against Spartacus and his army sometime during the slave rebellion. He was mentioned in Enemies of Rome by Cossinius. Later in the episode Gannicus talks to Sanus briefly about him.

War of the Damned[]

In Enemies of Rome, Cossinius mentions that Scrofa fought Spartacus near the Calor (most likely the River Calor, the modern Calore Lucano located in Campania).

According to Cossinius, Scrofa fought Spartacus sometime after the attack on the mines where thousands of slaves were freed. Scrofa underestimated Spartacus and was defeated because of it.


"In my defense, I had taken much wine that day, not expecting Spartacus to turn and attack Scrofa" —Gannicus to Sanus and Totus

"I've heard numbers joined his cause after Scrofa fell to him [Spartacus] on the banks of the Calor" —Cossinius to Metellus


  • Historically, Scrofa was one of Crassus' six military tribunes, alongside Quintus Marcius Rufus, Lucius Pomptinus, Lucius Quinctius and two others. In the show CaesarTiberius and Rufus are three of Crassus' tribunes.
  • The position of Quaestor was a junior public office in the Cursus Honorum, which former military Tribunes were elected by the Comitia Tributa (Tribal Assembly) in order to join the Senate. Quaestors were charged with the supervision of financial affairs in the provinces, as well as serving as the lieutenant-governor for the proconsuls. There were originally four such positions in the early Roman Republic, but the number would increase with the conquest of more territory.
  • The name Scrofa means 'sow'.
  • Scrofa belongs to the Gens Tremellia, whose members have held the Praetorship in the Roman Republic.