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Scout Leader
First appearance S2E02: A Place In This World
Last appearance S2E02: A Place In This World
Profession Mercenary
Race Roman
Relationships Seppius (Employer, deceased)
Octavius Tarsus (Leader, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Nasir)
Actor/Actress Bede Skinner

The Scout Leader is a commander of a reconnoitering team, sent to investigate the going-ons of the House of Nasir's Dominus.

Character Outline[]

Well-ranked enough as a soldier to command an entire team, the Scout Leader is a commander apparently skilled enough to warrant such a position. The Scout Leader is mostly of average build and height, although his build is remarkably lower than most Roman soldiers. He is distinguishable for his scars across his face, showcasing survival of past battles.


After Spartacus and the rebels subdue the villa of Nasir's Dominus, in a campaign search for Naevia's whereabouts, the Scout Leader is sent on an expedition to the villa in order to investigate the area, presumably to seek out Spartacus. When Crixus and his men overlook torches in the forest, belonging to the Scout Leader's squad, Sprtacus and his men are forced into hiding behind the columns of the entrance, with Nasir to greet scouters as to not arouse suspicion.

When the Scout Leader arrives with his men, it appears he and Nasir have background history from his recognition of Nasir (although by the name of Tiberius). He queries Nasir the whereabouts of the dominus who, unknown to the leader, was slain by Crixus earlier. Nasir replies his master went off elsewhere to find whores, much to the Scout Leader's amusement. The apprehensive commander further questions Nasir as to why the dominus would leave behind his main body slave at the villa, to which Nasir replies it is due to deepened trust to oversee the house, attended with care. Although still cautious, the Scout Leader then prepares to leave with his scout team.

However, much to Crixus' anger, Nasir persuades the Scout Leader to return to the house, from which the Gaul takes this as betrayal. From that point, the rebels reveal themselves and a fight ensues. The Scout Leader briefly enters a skirmish with Spartacus, who easily cuts him from the waist-side. As the soldiers all fall to the rebels, the Scout Leader blasts Agron with the blunt of his sword, and moves on to kill Spartacus from behind. Agron warns Spartacus of the oncoming attack, yet Spartacus remain entangled with another soldier.  

The Scout Leader is stabbed in the back by Nasir.

However, just before the Scout Leader can perform a finishing blow, Nasir stabs him from behind with a sword picked up from a fallen soldier. The Scout Leader looks on to Spartacus with shock, and dies.

As an enraged Crixus interrogates Nasir as to why he allowed the scout team to enter the house,as opposed to just letting them leave, Nasir answers that because he didn't carry a slave collar around his neck, the skeptical Scout Leader would have returned with more men to further search the house.


  • As the Scout Leader led a group of cavalry, he would have held the rank of Decurion, whom led a thirty-man squadron known as a Turma. 
  • The Latin rendering of mercenary is Mercennarius.
  • Cavalrymen in the Roman army were called Equites. By the Late Republican era, the majority of Roman cavalry would have been drawn from foreign peoples, with the small minority of legionary cavalry (Eques Legionis) being tasked with logistics. As small-time mercenaries, the Scout Leader and his men may have been of non-Roman origins.