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First appearance S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Last appearance S3E05: Blood Brothers
Profession Rebel
Race Cilician
Relationships Gannicus (Friend, deceased)
Saxa (Friend, deceased)
Totus (Friend, deceased)
Spartacus (Leader/Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Cilician Pirates)
Actor/Actress Anthony Ray Parker

Sanus is a Rebel in Spartacus army, having joined following the defeat of Glaber.


Sanus is a man of a large, muscle-gut build, shaved head and a distinct beard. He fights with a large axe, and with deadly skill to match it. Like many of the Rebels, he wears a set of makeshift armor which he uses in and out of battle.


Sanus has a boisterous and carefree personality, with a loud, booming voice to match his excitement. He enjoys the pleasurable experiences of wine and women, and also lives for the glory of battle. Sanus' shares these similar personality traits with Gannicus; as a result, the two regard themselves as comrades and brothers-in-arms. Sanus holds Gannicus in high regard and also holds a strong loyalty towards Spartacus.

Combat Prowess[]

Sanus is a large beast of a man, possessing great strength in battle. He wields a large, double-sided axe in battle that befits his build and fights with deadly skill that makes him stand out as more than a common rebel.

War of the Damned[]

In a strong chain of events leading to several Roman defeats, Sanus and the Rebels fight against Cossinius and Furius. Sanus proves himself to be a Rebel of great skill, as he slays many Roman soldiers with his battle axe.

After the battle, he joins with Gannicus and Totus to celebration of drinking wine and sharing stories of past glories. When Saxa arrives to celebrate with Gannicus personally, bringing two slave prostitutes to join them, Gannicus removes Sanus and Totus from his tent. Sanus compliments Saxa, and leaves to allow Gannicus to

Sanus with his battle ax

enjoy his fun with the women.

Next Sanus takes part in the besieging of the Roman city in which he kills many Romans. To Spartacus' dismay, Sanus, alongside Nemetes, Saxa, and other Rebels, prepare to personally execute some Roman civilians. Spartacus angrily tells them to stand down and after the city has been taken tells them that no more blood will be shed. 

Sanus joins Spartacus, Gannicus, Saxa, Lugo and Rabanus in attacking grain caravans in Sicily in order to stop supplies from getting to Crassus and his army.

Later on, in an attempt to weaken Crassus' move toward the Roman city, Spartacus has Sanus accompany the Cilician pirates as they would gather supplies. However, Crassus outbids the pirates' loyalty with more gold, and the pirates betray Spartacus and join Roman forces. Because of this, the pirates kill Sanus, ensuring their bargain.

At the tribute games to honor Crixus one of the Rebels shouts his name to honor him.


  • Sanus is played by American actor Anthony Ray Parker.
  • As a Cilician seaman, Sanus may very well have Phoenician and possibly Egyptian or Nubian ancestry as well, given the geographic proximity and maritime links between Cilicia, the Levant and Egypt.
  • The coastal lands of Cilicia were once ruled by the Ptolemies of Egypt, who, like other Hellenistic states in the era, established military outposts called Katoikoi, which were similar to Roman Coloniae. Sanus may be descended from Ethiopian or Nubian Mistophoroi (mercenaries) employed by the Ptolemies, who then became Klerouchoi or "alloted land-holders" after rendering military service. Ethiopian warriors in the ancient world were depicted favouring axes in warfare, similar to Sanus.
  • Sanus is killed off-screen.
  • The name Sanus is the Latin word for "healthy".


  • "I saw it with my own fucking eyes in the heat of battle blood and brains, thick to the knee and Gannicus in the middle of it all strips to his fucking cock! Bellowing to the Romans to kneel before him and receive golden tribute!" - Sanus to Gannicus and Totus.
  • "You wish to leave us? Sanus will send you on your way!" - Sanus to a wounded Roman soldier as he kills him.