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Season 2
Number Episode 07
Date Aired March 9, 2012
Writer Seamus Kevin Fahey
Director Jesse Warn
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"Sacramentum" is the seventh episode of Spartacus: Vengeance. It is the twenty-sixth episode of the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline[]

Spartacus and his rebels try to increase their number by freeing fighters enslaved in foreign wars. Lucretia seeks to recruit one of her husband's former gladiators to outmaneuver powerful Romans.


The episode starts in the port city of Neapolis, Spartacus, Agron, and Lucius pose as rich Romans interested in buying a new shipment of slaves, all of whom hail from the Germanic tribes of the north. The quest complicated when Agron speaks to the slaves in their mother tongue and is overheard by a Roman guard who also shares their tongue and raises the alarm, but the operation succeeds nonetheless and the Rebel army swells with Agron's distant kin.

Agron with the free German slaves.

This alarms Crixus and Lucius, given the possibility that these new recruits may not follow Spartacus' orders in favor of Agron.

Meanwhile in Capua, Glaber enlists the former mercenary band that belonged to young Seppius, and they pledge the Sacramentum to Glaber and to Rome. After raping her again, Ashur believes Lucretia is beginning to have feelings for him, and he presents her with a red wig like she used to wear as a symbol of her belonging to him. Gannicus, prompted by Ashur, goes to the villa for an audience with Glaber, where he offers Gannicus the chance to be a beacon of hope, the front man to his army. Glaber also returns Gannicus' rudis.

Ilithyia, questions Lucretia was it recent that she thought Glaber weak and states " I now gaze into his eyes and tremble at what lurks behind them" Lucretia tries reassure her. But Ilithyia tells her nothing she does pleases Glaber and says she thinks he's falling for Seppia since he invited her into their house and the way he looks at her. She then says that she would rather be dead than go through this sadness. 

Lucretia and Gannicus meet in the market, where Gannicus mourns for his friend from the brothel who is now crucified for merely whispering about Spartacus' fight for freedom for all. Lucretia tempts Gannicus with a plan to kill Glaber and end this conflict.

Sedullus' last moments.

Lucretia however comes up with a plan for Ilithyia to break free of Glaber's hatred and vengeful attitude and go home to Rome. The plan involves Lucretia fooling Glaber into thinking Ilithyia needs to go to Rome in order for the gods to bless their unborn child. After a failed attempt to bond with the new recruits on a hunting trip, which turns into highway robbery as the new recruits accost a wagon on the road, Spartacus, Crixus, and Lucius wonder whether Agron's loyalty lies with his kinsmen or with Spartacus. A great feast turns into a bloody battle after Sedullus, the biggest of all the new recruits tries to rape Naevia, after which Naevia stabs him and calls for help. Agron decides this has gone too far and helps Crixus and Spartacus control the German. Spartacus, asserting his authority as leader, fights Sedullus and brutally kills him. After witnessing the gruesome scene, Agron's tribesmen swear allegiance to Spartacus.

Seppia giving herself to Glaber.

Ilithyia is packed off to Rome, but not before Lucretia reveals the plan to her. Ilithyia kisses Glaber goodbye. No more than a few hours later, Seppia visits Glaber in his quarters where she proceeds to strip in front of the confused Glaber. The two then kiss and begin to have sex. 

Gannicus Attacks Ilithyia's guards.

At that moment, Salvius interrupts the encounter and tells Glaber of unfortunate news Ilithyia's wagon was viciously attacked by Gannicus on the road to Rome.

The Murderer's death by Gannicus.

All that is in the wagon is one of Ashur's henchmen with Gannicus' rudus sticking out of his neck. Ashur states Gannicus has made his choice.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


  • Naevia begins her training with Crixus, which she asked in the previous episode.
  • The rebels attack Neapolis after previously making plans to do so.
    • In doing so, their numbers expand in but a day.
  • Oenomaus has partially recovered from his wounds and is now sided with Spartacus in the rebellion.
  • Gannicus kidnaps Ilithyia after killing her guards.
  • Seppia and Glaber have an affair after being attracted to each other in the previous episode.



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