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Quintus Marcius Rufus
First appearance S3E04: Decimation
Last appearance S3E10: Victory
Profession Commander
Race Roman
Relationships Marcus Licinius Crassus (Imperator)
Julius Caesar (Tribune)
Metellus (Ally)
Tiberius (Ally, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress Roy Snow

Rufus is one of Crassus' commanders.


Rufus has a long face covered with light stubble. He keeps his hair short like most Romans do and wears a set of armor fit for someone of his rank.


A loyal commander of Crassus, he is capable of doing anything for his Imperator, putting his life at risk several times. Although his desire to protect Crassus at all costs can lead him to recklessness, to the point of defying his Imperator's orders. Like many other Romans, he has shown to look down on Spartacus, underestimating his capabilities as a tactician and soldier. 

Combat Prowess[]

Rufus is a skilled combatant, being able to adeptly fight with both the sword and the spear. He possesses a good durability, being able to recover from injury rather quickly and resume his duties.

War of the Damned[]

Even if he does not appear onscreen, Rufus is present with Caesar, Tiberius and SabinusSabinus when Crassus speaks to his army. Rufus appears with Crassus and taking orders to carry out. He is Crassus most trusted commander, just bellow Tiberius and Caesar. When the forces of Tiberius are defeated by Spartacus and the Cilician Pirates, many of the Roman soldiers fled from battle. Crassus then issues the punishment of Decimation. As the punishment takes place, Rufus first appears and stands by the Imperator's side.

During the siege of Sinuessa he enters the city with Crassus after the front gate is taken down. He then joins with his comrades in fighting against the Rebels.

He stops Heracleo and his men as they walk through Sinuessa, as they are moving in the opposite direction of their ship. Heracleo shows them a seal of protection he has from Crassus and states he has business left in the city (i.e. making Laeta his slave). Rufus then lets them pass but not before warning them to return to their ship before sundown.

He takes part in the celebration to honor Julius Caesar following his successful retaking of the city. Following the festivities, he goes with Caesar through the streets of Sinuessa. They then come upon Gannicus disguised as Hercleo. When Gannicus attacks them he knocks back Rufus and injures Caesar before escaping the city with Laeta and Sibyl

Rufus struck by an arrow.

Rufus accompanies Crassus in their journey to the Roman encampment as they intend to corner the Rebels between their army and Crassus' wall. Following the disappearance of the Rebel camp in the mountains, he searches for Spartacus and is unable to find them. Rufus accompanies Crassus, Caesar and Tiberius along with a few other soldiers to investigate. Seeing no Rebel in sight they assume the Rebels were long gone but Rufus is suddenly injured as an arrow is shot into his shoulder. The Rebels then kill a few other Romans and mock them as they retreat. Rufus is then dragged to safety.

Rufus continues to stand by Crassus' side, having recovered from his injury. He joins the army in assaulting against Crixus and his army of Rebels. Upon horseback, Rufus fights his way through many Rebels before witnessing Crixus' decapitation by Tiberius and the defeat of his army.

After Tiberius is captured by Spartacus, Caesar is about to set Rufus to the task of negotiating with the Rebels but is stopped by Crassus who wants Caesar to do it instead.

When armies are about to clash, Rufus goes on horse to deliver words to Spartacus from his Imperator, but Spartacus stops him by a thrown spear just at the front of his horse, and the rebel leader even threatens to kill him if his words were not of worth for him. He is along Crassus and Caesar when his Imperator was about to have a brief conversation with Spartacus, but are ordered to leave him, along Spartacus'

Rufus is killed by Spartacus.


During the final battle, Rufus accompanies Crassus when he commands the legions to advance. Rufus expresses that Spartacus is a fool, but Crassus retorts by saying Spartacus is many things, but not a fool. When Crassus commands the catapults to rain death on the melee, killing rebels at the cost of great casualties to his own men, Rufus praises him for his brilliance. After Spartacus takes the Imperator down from his horse and injures him, he rushes to save him along other soldiers. He escapes from battlefield along his Imperator and other soldiers, but is threatened by an irate Crassus to be returned to the battle or face consequences. Also, the group was followed by Spartacus, who kills every soldier receiving few injuries. Rufus remains the final soldier and is killed by Spartacus by slashing the left side of his face, as he tries to defend Crassus who does nothing to even help Rufus or his men (instead simply observing Spartacus and his skills with admiration). Spartacus then delivers the finishing blow, stabbing him, while it is off screen, and a cry of anguish can be heard from him.

Historical Context[]

Rufus' character is based off of Quintus Marcius Rufus, one of Crassus' officers during the Third Servile War. Sources mention him in one battle later in the war.

Historically, Rufus was dispatched by Crassus to defeat Gannicus and Castus and their army in Cantenna, along with another commander: Lucius Pomptinus.


  • Rufus probably holds the rank of a Tribunus Militum (military tribune).
  • As his commander, Crassus, personally owns and commands six legions, its possible that a military tribune such as Rufus is deputed to command one of them, and so may possess the responsibilities of a Legatus without the holding the actual rank. Caesar and Tiberius would have each served a similar function within the small hierarchy of Marcus Crassus' own private army.
  • He is the only historical person (other than Caesar, though there are no sources to support he was in the war) in Crassus' army, seen in the show. His full name was Quintus Marcius Rufus.
  • Rufus belonged to a Plebeian branch of the Gens Marcia. The oldest Patrician branch of the Marcii claimed descent from Ancus Marcius, the fourth King of Rome, hence their cognomen "Rex". A certain Quintus Marcius Rex was a maternal great-uncle to Gaius Julius Caesar.
  • Rufus' personal badge appears to be a lion, as shown on his breastplate.
  • Rufus is the last antagonist named to die in the series.
  • He is the last character killed by Spartacus.
    • He is killed by Spartacus before he went on to fight his commander, Crassus. Similarly, in Vengeance, Spartacus kills Salvius (Chief Centurion of Glaber) before he fought (and later killed) Glaber.