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A rudis is a wooden sword—a gift to a gladiator


r as proof of his achieved freedom. It signifies his ascent from being a slave to becoming a freeman. The memorable past battles of a Gladiator are carved into the blade of the sword. A stipulation disclosed in the show is that a gladiator must always have the rudis on his person or risk receding into slavery.

Notable Recipients[]

  • Gannicus - Received his rudis as reward for winning the Primus at the opening games of the Capua Arena. He later killed several romans transporting Ilithyia and stabbed the rudis into the neck of Abrax, as a sign that he is siding with the rebels.
  • Timarchides - Received his rudis on purchasing his own freedom.


  • During the Games of Publius Varinius, Gannicus would have technically fought as a Rudiarius, having fought in the Arena as a freed Gladiator.