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Season 1
Number Episode 12
Date Aired April 9, 2010
Writer Brent Fletcher
Director Michael Hurst
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"Revelations" is the twelfth episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It is the twelfth episode in the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline

Lucretia and Batiatus await the arrival of Glaber with the intentions to receive his patronage, while Spartacus focuses his attention on his plan for revenge.


In the arena, Crixus is seen fighting an unnamed Gladiator, making contact and cutting him several times, the crowd cheering as he does so. Underneath the sands, in the holding area, a chained Solonius is visited one last time by Batiatus. Batiatus gloats and ridicules Solonius, Solonius then asks if Ashur was always Batiatus' dog. Batiatus takes great pleasure in telling him that "His loyalty never wavered", Solonius exclaims that Ashur is skilled in deceit but Batiatus offers his own theory, that Solonius was blinded by his own envy and his wish for Batiatus' ludus, champions and even his wife, Lucretia. Solonius attempts to threaten Batiatus telling him that Capua will see him for what he is, but Batiatus points out that as things stand, he brought the murderer of Magistrate Calavius to Justice and that he has nothing to worry about. Blood drips from the ceiling and Batiatus states that Crixus is making quick work of his opponent, with this he begins to leave for the pulvinus, to announce Solonius' execution. Solonius tells Batiatus that he underestimated him, to which he replies that "You're not the first to die, for that mistake", before leaving.

In the arena, Crixus finishes off his opponent. Thrusting his sword through his head and cheering to the crowd, he shouts up to the pulvinus, "For you!". Lucretia believes he is talking to her and smiles in return, but she tells Domitia that Crixus honors the memory of her husband, Calavius, whilst Naevia smiles with joy, knowing she is the one Crixus truly fights for. Batiatus arrives and tells everyone that with Solonius ' death, they can put all of their sadness behind them.

Behind a gate to the sands, Oenomaus watches Crixus. He leaves to talk to Spartacus who complains of wishing to see Batiatus, but quickly reminds him that he is a slave and has no right to demand anything of his Dominus. Spartacus retorts that he's sorry for his mistakes, and plans to rectify them soon.

In the pulvinus Batiatus talks to the crowd about his, and Calavius' wife and son's, sadness at the death of Calavius. He speaks lowly of Solonius, comparing him to an animal, then tells everyone that he'll be executed ad gladium. He introduces Solonius as an 'Enemy of the People', the man armed with sword and shield. The crowd cheers to this, and pelts Solonius with rotten food as he enters the arena and walks to the centre. Solonius exhibits himself to the crowd, as gladiators do, before pointing up to the pulvinus with his sword. Batiatus introduces "The Slayer of Theokoles, The Bringer of Rain, Spartacus, The Champion of Capua" as the one to fight Solonius. As he comes face to face with Solonius, they converse about the ensuing battle, Solonius saying that Spartacus survived his execution and maybe he should fare as well. Spartacus tells him that he would not expect it, Solonius readies his sword and shield in reply, and Batiatus signals the fight to begin.

Solonius at his execution by Spartacus.

The fight starts with Solonius throwing multiple swings at Spartacus, who  dodges each one with little effort. Solonius screams for Spartacus to fight him. In the pulvinus, Numerius questions Batiatus as to why Spartacus doesn't fight back, Batiatus explains that he is drawing out the moment for the pleasure of the crowd and that Solonius will be dead soon enough. Domitia tells Lucretia that Batiatus has been a savior to them and that Numerius would have been lost without his support, she feels that he would make a fine father, although abruptly points out that he isn't one yet. Lucretia, changes the subject quickly, pointing out Spartacus drawing blood. Spartacus continues to fight Solonius, giving him a few cuts, before pointing out that he has some skill with a sword. They again fight and Spartacus scores two, more severe, blows. In the pulvinus Ilithyia arrives and gives her condolences for Calavius, whilst Lucretia mentions her absence and asks if she has talked with her husband, Glaber. Ilithyia tells her he will arrive tomorrow.

On the sands, Spartacus cuts Solonius four more times, the last of which is deep enough for his intestines to fall out. Solonius drops to his knees, and says tells Spartacus that he is taking the wrong life, it should be Batiatus', to which he replies that he'll be joining him presently. Solonius laughs, knowing the man who betrayed him will die. With that, Spartacus raises his sword and swings, decapitating Solonius in a single blow. He then picks up Solonius' head with his sword and shows it to the crowd as they cheer.

Back at the ludus, Batiatus and Oenomaus converse about the Gladiators. Agron and Duro aren't to fight together, in case their relationship gets in the way. Oenomaus also mentions Spartacus' restlessness at the lack of seeing his Dominus, which Batiatus blames on the events with Solonius. He tells Oenomaus to send Mira to him and that he will talk with him in the morning. Oenomaus takes his leave and Batiatus walks over to Ashur , who is being dressed in new, fancier, robes. He's also told that he will be moved to the villa all as reward for helping with Solonius. He pushes for one more reward, a slave to have sex with. He chooses Naevia , giving the excuse of her being a virgin, but in actuality he has a more devious reason in mind, shown by his smirk.

Mira and Spartacus talk.

In Spartacus' cell, Mira arrives and explains why she is there. She tries to touch his face, but he pulls away and offends her. She lists the numerous ways she has helped him and does not understand why he will not let her do something so simple and tries to leave but he stops her. He apologizes and tells her he has things on his mind, namely the fact that he thinks Batiatus knows of his part in Aulus' death. Mira comforts him, then asks what Aulus revealed. Spartacus reveals that he knows Batiatus had Sura killed and that he planned revenge. Mira tries to talk him out of it, but Spartacus is set to his cause, even when threatened with the deaths of all other slaves under Batiatus' roof. With this Mira leaves.

In the wine cellar, Naevia and Crixus finish making love. She tells him she is spurred on by his win in the arena which is why she was so vigorous. He then tells her that there is no meaning to his glories unless she is there to see them, to which she promises she will never miss another. As they begin to start again, Lucretia calls for Naevia which forces her to lock Crixus back in the ludus and grab a jar or wine as an excuse. She is told that her Dominus requires something of her.

In Ashur's room, Naevia enters and is quickly complimented by him. He tells her he does not hold a grudge for her talking to Oenomaus about Barca's death, even though she denies the conversation happened. He turns to a more sexual conversation, telling her that he has marveled at her for years, to which she tells him that she had noticed him looking upon occasion. He continues with the seductive talk, only for Naevia to seem frightened and reluctant. He then removes her robe as they move out of camera.

Lucretia is complaining to her husband that she was keeping Naevia a virgin, for someone of worth, not "Fucking Ashur". He comforts her and changes the subject to his meeting with Glaber the next morning, telling of how everything will change.

Spartacus trains with a wooden dummy.

In the ludus, Spartacus, with his two swords, is training on a wooden dummy, as montage of images of Sura are shown. He slowly becomes more aggressive until Crixus comes over and jokes that the 'wooden man' gives almost as much fight as Solonius. He goes on to tell Spartacus that with every battle he wins, he gets closer and closer to a rematch with the new champion. Spartacus tells him he will never get the chance, as a guard tells him that he has been summoned.

In the villa, Batiatus is barking orders at several slaves who are preparing for Glaber's visit. Spartacus arrives, with two guards, Hector and an unnamed man, who are both dismissed. Spartacus and Batiatus converse over recent events and Glaber's visit, all the while Spartacus is eying up a knife left on a table. Mira looks on, worried as to what Spartacus' actions will be. As he reaches for the blade he sees Aurelia and stops in shock. He asks why she is there when he has pledged his winnings to her, but Batiatus tells him that she did not want them. Batiatus asks him what he had wanted for so long but he lies and tells him that it was simply to check how Aurelia was doing. Batiatus picks up the knife that Spartacus was eyeing and stabs a piece of fruit with it, before offering it to Spartacus and leaving.

As Hector escorts Spartacus back to the ludus, Mira asks for a word with the champion, which Hector obliges under threat of revealing him losing his key. She scolds Spartacus for what he planned, and shows disgust at his lack of caring for the other slaves, bar Aurelia, whom is the only reason Batiatus was not killed just moments ago. She tells him that he put Aurelia at risk when he killed her husband, before storming off leaving Spartacus to return on his way.

In the ludus, Ashur speaks to Crixus, giving him a present, a ceramic depiction of his defeat and Spartacus' victory over Theokoles. Crixus throws it to the floor as Ashur gloats about his ascension to the villa and his new position or Batiatus right hand. Crixus quips that that is the hand he wipes his arse with, which Ashur acknowledges was a witty turn of phrase, "One of the many splendors I shall miss". When Ashur brings up the fact that he will miss being a gladiator, Crixus is quick to point out that he never truly was, thanks to him. Ashur then tells Crixus that he owes him everything, as a final insult.

In the villa, Aurelia brings a platter to the wrong table, which Mira scolds her for. Lucretia points out that Aurelia isn't a fast learner, but Batiatus tells her that she is only there as an act of kindness and that they will eventually find a use for her. Ashur arrives for the meeting and sees Naevia, who looks away in fear. Ilithyia then arrives, absent her husband, much to Batiatus and Lucretia's dismay. Ilithyia tells them that he has asked for Batiatus to meet him as he enters the city, upon hearing this he quickly leaves to do so. Lucretia offers Ilithyia some food but she declines, explaining that she is returning to Rome. Lucretia is almost upset by this, knowing she has lost her hold over the young wife. With that, Ilithyia thanks her and leaves the villa.

Back in the ludus, the gladiators train. Spartacus knocking a man down as Agron comes over to talk. He asks for a favor, that Spartacus, being the champion, talk to Batiatus about having his brother, Duro, paired with him again. Spartacus snuffs the idea out, telling Agron that Batiatus will not do it. With that Agron leaves, as Spartacus looks up to the balcony to see Aurelia, who quickly leaves once she notices his glare.

In the streets of Capua, Glaber and his men ride through, with people cheering. Upon seeing him, Batiatus makes conversation, welcoming him to Capua and telling him that it is an honor, which Glaber abruptly points out was not returned by a greeting at the gates. He then goes on to point out that there has be much lawlessness since his last visit, including the murders of magistrate Calavius and Ovidius and his family, and Licinia's disappearance. Batiatus offers for them to return to his villa and discuss these matters at greater length, but Glaber rudely tells him he would rather discuss it with someone with authority, Mercato. Batiatus offers to escort him but Glaber tells him to go back to his villa and await him.

At the ludus, Crixus is summoned by Lucretia, so Naevia escorts him to her. On the way they converse about the night before and how they were nearly caught. Naevia refusing to risk it again and Crixus looking for answers as to why. She tells him that she has been given to another, but won't say who when Crixus asks and leaves him with Lucretia. She tells him that his name is once again cheered by Capua and that everything will soon return to how it was before Spartacus arrived. She begins to kiss him but suddenly she feels something is wrong and calls out to Naevia who comes running to look after her.

Later on, Batiatus and Ashur return to the villa, with Batiatus furious about how Glaber treated him. He walks in to his bedroom in a rage, telling Lucretia that she needs to have words with Ilithyia, but as he enters he finds several slaves gathered around her on her bed. He immediately forgets what he was saying and asks what is wrong with her in a worried tone. "I am with Child, you're to be a father Quintus" her reply. He is overjoyed and asks for wine for everyone, exclaiming that they must celebrate.

At Glaber's villa, he also angrily arrives, complaining of Mercato's incompetence over Licinia's disappearance, to which Ilithyia tells him that there are rumors that she was having an affair. She quickly moves the conversation to them, and their lack on closeness recently. Glaber, still angry, confronts her about what she had promised to Batiatus, but she tells him that it is nothing more than words to him about meeting. Ilithyia again turns the conversation to sex, as well as beginning to kiss and caress her husband. They continue to talk about humoring Batiatus and returning to Rome, before having sex on their bed.

Back at Batiatus's villa, Aurelia drops a vase of wine, which she is yet again scolded for by Mira. She is told to fetch another, but Spartacus appears at the gate, asking Aurelia to talk to him for a second. She agrees to, and in private, refuses to leave the ludus or take his winnings from the arena. He tells her that Varro asked him to keep her safe but she tells him all she wants is to have him back, something Spartacus cannot do. Spartacus then asks of Janus, their young son, whom Aurelia says is staying with her brother and of her unborn child, whom she, tearfully, tells him she had had it "Removed from my concerns". With this she leaves.

In the villa the next day, Glaber arrives, with Ilithyia and several guards. Batiatus boasts of how his home is now renovated and both Ilithyia and Glaber agree that it is an improvement. Glaber then questions why Batiatus wants his support so much, to which Batiatus explains that he wishes to join the political office. Glaber asks whose support he has, but Calavius, the dead magistrate, is the only name he has. Glaber continues his questioning, with Batiatus giving enticing answers. The conversation turns to gladiators and Spartacus's prowess in the arena, which results in all of the gladiators being brought up to be viewed by Glaber.

Spartacus, with Linus drawing his sword.

Glaber paces up and down in front of the men lined up, before stopping in front of Spartacus and insulting him, then goading him and eventually having him unchained so that he can see his skills with a sword. Crixus looks on in anger.

Batiatus asks which of his men he would have Spartacus face, but Glaber tells him that he wants something more than a gladiator, he calls his men forward. Spartacus, armed only with twin practice swords, fights Iovis first, whom Spartacus beats to the ground. Next he fights Vesper and Linus who are also both beaten and thrown around the room by Spartacus, much to Glaber's surprise and annoyance. With that, Glaber sends his 4 remaining men to fig

Spartacus fighting four of Glaber's men.

ht, all at the same time. Spartacus manages to take two of them down before falling to the third and fourth, his sword split in two and several gashes made. Batiatus, Glaber, Ilithyia and Lucretia watch on. Spartacus sees Glaber's smirk and with that he stands back up and brutally beats the remaining two soldiers with the end of his broken sword. Glaber attempts one final insult to Spartacus, having him kneel and treat him as a master, which Spartacus, defiantly, does. Glaber seems happy that he has the man on his knees.

After the showing, Ashur walks over to Naevia and begins to touch her hair, purposely attempting to rile Crixus. Upon seeing this and realizing whom Naevia was previously referring, Crixus lunges at him, smashing him in the face. Spartacus and Oenomaus pull Crixus off Ashur and restrain him, whilst Glaber mocks Batiatus who in turn screams at Ashur for answers. He reveals that when he slept with Naevia, she was not a virgin and now he understands who had taken her first. Ilithyia is amused and Lucretia is shocked.

In Lucretia's chambers, she is seen throwing Naevia around. Lucretia asks how long they have been sleeping together before seeing the key Naevia stole from Hector and realizing what has been going on. Naevia tells Lucretia that Crixus never loved her and he was only doing as commanded, which causes Lucretia to nearly strangle Naevia to death. She suddenly releases her grip and asks Mira to fetch her a knife.

As Glaber and Ilithyia are leaving the villa, Batiatus promises that Crixus will be punished but Glaber does not believe that he will do it. Lucretia tells them that he most certainly will. Glaber turns to leave, telling of his joy at not being tethered to Batiatus. With that Batiatus loses his temper and tell Glaber not to turn from him, which Glaber retorts that he forgets his place. Batiatus explains that he does not forget his place but elevates it. He brings out a present for Glaber, the hand on Licinia, and with it, the knowledge that Ilithyia was the one to kill her. He threatens that her body may arise in their villa if patronage is not granted. Ilithyia tells Glaber that she did not do it, but seeing her lie hits her to the ground and leaves, granting patronage.

Crixus tied up, ready to be whipped.

In the ludus, Crixus is tied to two posts. Batiatus addresses his men, telling them that nobody is above retribution for incompetence, throwing Hector's severed head as proof. He explains that he has been too kind and generous, seeing the error of his ways now that Glaber is patron. He signals Oenomaus, who tells Crixus to embrace the pain, before beginning to whip his back, several dozen times. Batiatus then turns to Lucretia, whom he tells that her meetings with Crixus will stop. She tries to act innocent but he tells her he has always known and just didn't mind, because it made her happy but those times are done and her attention will be addressed to their child. He then tells Oenomaus to stop, before returning to the villa while Lucretia is stunned by her husband's words.

"We Kill Them All".

As everyone returns inside, Naevia, whose hair has been cut short by Lucretia, is being escorted by some guards. She sees Crixus and runs over, Oenomaus telling the guard to let them talk briefly. Crixus blames himself for everything but tells Naevia that he will buy his freedom and find her. Oenomaus tells her that it is time. She briefly tells him that he should not let Crixus attempt to leave, revealing what happened to Barca when he did. Oenomaus looks up to the balcony in disgust.

In the cells, Duro is arguing with some of Glaber's men as everyone is locked up. Spartacus warns The German Brothers not to talk like they do to the guards. They just complain "the shit keeps rising higher in this fucking hole", to which Spartacus replies that maybe they shouldn't be there when it fills their mouths. They ask what he means, to which he replies that he doesn't mean anything. Duro however, tells him it sounds a lot like escape, but asks how they would get past the guards. Spartacus tells him there is only one way, "We kill them all"

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Crixus
  2. Solonius
  3. Batiatus
  4. Naevia
  5. Lucretia
  6. Domitia
  7. Numerius
  8. Oenomaus
  9. Spartacus
  10. Ilithyia
  11. Santos
  12. Ashur
  13. Mira
  14. Sura (flashback)
  15. Hector
  16. Aurelia
  17. Agron
  18. Rhaskos
  19. Glaber
  20. Iovis
  21. Vesper
  22. Linus
  23. Duro
  24. Hamilcar


  • Solonius, Batiatus's archenemy dies in this episode, executed by Spartacus.



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