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Rebel Mother
First appearance S3E05: Blood Brothers
Last appearance S3E10: Victory
Profession Rebel
Race Illyrian
Relationships Newborn Son
Kore (Friend, deceased)
Laeta (Friend)
Sibyl (Friend)
Spartacus (Leader, deceased)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Sacha Stejko

The Rebel Mother is a pregnant woman who was freed by Spartacus and the rebels during the rebellion.

Character Outline[]

The Rebel Mother is a youthful looking woman with long, curly blonde hair. Until giving birth, she was seen in the ending stages of pregnancy.

War of The Damned[]

Rebel Mother.

The Rebel Mother is present with the rebels as they evacuate Sinuessa. She instantly staggers over and Naevia asks Litaviccus to escort her out of the city as her pregnancy is heavy and she is unable to help herself.

The Rebel Mother remains camped with the rebels in the cold mountains and manages to survive both the harsh storm and Crassus' wall.

As the rebels keep moving, the Rebel Mother is being escorted and aided by Kore. One night while encamped, the Rebel Mother goes into labor and Kore requests the aid of Laeta to help her. Spartacus arrives and as Kore delivers the child, Spartacus is the first to hold the child and tells the Rebel Mother that she has been blessed with a son, which Agron jokingly assures.

Rebel mother giving birth with the help of Kore & Laeta.

Following birth, she takes to the child instantly and the child is never from her side. As Spartacus gives his last speech before the final battle, the rebel mother is the first to say gratitude to him, for all he has done and he gives a glance to the child in her arms and smiles.

Following the final battle, the Rebel Mother is one of the few to have remained behind to wait for Spartacus. As the Bringer of Rain passes away, the Rebel Mother goes with the other rebels, led by Agron, to embrace true freedom over the Alps.


  • The rebel mother doesn't appear during Vengeance, which suggests that she was impregnated while enslaved, either by her own Dominus or another slave. Slaves born to slave mothers were referred to as Verna ("home grown slaves").
  • The Rebel Mother may have been an Illyrian woman (from Albania, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro). The First Centruy BCE writer Marcus Terentius Varro wrote in his work Rerum Rusticarum Libre Tres (book on agriculture) that Illyrian slave women were favoured for as the wives of farmhands because of a belief that they could bare children without resting from work.


  • "Gratitude....for all you have done" (to Spartacus)
  • "Bringer of Rain" (at Spartacus, while in labor)