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The Pugio is a long, straight-bladed Roman dagger.

It is used by the military as a "sidearm", as well as by several gladiator classes, such as the Retiarius, Hoplomachus (occasionally) and Laquearius.



In History[]

On Screen[]

Dagan and Ashur use daggers against Vettius' bodyguards when they ambush him in the episode Missio. Ashur then uses his same dagger to murder fellow recruit Indus when the assault is over, on Batiatus' orders.

Fighting in the style of Hoplomachus, Barca and Auctus are seen to carry daggers in the episode Paterfamilias; Barca has one for his match against Gnaeus, while Auctus uses one in his fight against Crixus.

Tullius is stabbed many times with daggers by Batiatus and his gladiators in the episode The Bitter End, as well as being used to dispatch his men in the previous street fight.

In the Primus of the Games of the New Arena, Gannicus uses a dagger from a dead Hoplomachus to injure Caburus.

Spartacus steals a Thracian dagger from Numerius in the episode Delicate Things, in the hope of using it in his planned escape.

Batiatus often carries a dagger about his person. He uses it to execute Barca in the episode Great and Unfortunate Things.

Solonius carries a dagger and uses it when attempting to rescue Magistrate Calavius in the episode Old Wounds, only to be discovered by guards with the magistrate dead and his dagger in his hands.

Aurelia uses a sharp table knife to kill Numerius in the episode Kill Them All, stabbing him dozens of times.

In the flashback to Oenomaus' first fight in The Pit during the episode A Place In This World, we see that he was issued a dagger to fight with in that match.

At the end of A Place In This World, Ashur uses two throwing daggers to kill Caratacus and the pit boss when he "rescues" (and then captures) Oenomaus from The Pit.

Mira steals a dagger from the boss of the mines in the episode The Greater Good, using it first to threaten him for information and then, when he attacks her, to kill him.

During the rebels' harrowing escape through the forest, Mira launches herself on a Roman soldier who is about to kill Naevia and stabs him to death with a dagger, in the episode Empty Hands.

The Egyptian's Pugio.jpg

The Egyptian carries two daggers as his main weapon, and kills several guards with them during the raid on Seppius' villa in the episode Chosen Path.

When Sedullus attempts to rape Naevia in the episode Sacramentum, she grabs a knife and stabs him with it, mildly injuring him and initiating the fight with the other rebels.

The Egyptian stabs Oenomaus in the eye with one of his daggers in the episode Monsters.

Ilithyia kills Seppia with a dagger when she tries to murder Glaber, in the episode Monsters.

Lucretia kills Amana and another of Ilithyia's slaves to death with a dagger in the episode Wrath of the Gods, then uses it to cut Ilithyia herself open in order to steal her baby.

After the events of the Battle of Vesuvius, Saxa can be seen wielding The Egyptian's daggers, killing numerous Romans with them, throughout Spartacus: War of the Damned.

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