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Priestess of Juno
First appearance S1E05: Shadow Games
Last appearance S1E05: Shadow Games
Profession Priestess
Race Roman
Relationships Lucretia(Customer, deceased)
Laelia (Customer͵ deceased)
Cornelia (Customer)
Servillia (Customer)
Status Unknown (presumed active)
Actor/Actress Catherine Boniface

The Priestess of Juno (real name unknown) is, as her name suggests, a priestess of Juno, the Roman Goddess of Maternity.

Character Outline[]

She performs ceremonies for prominent women hoping to carry children and have trouble conceiving. She is known to have helped Lucretia, Servillia, Cornelia, and Laelia, who is stated to not have had her son had it not been for this priestess.


  • As a simple priestess devoted to a specific deity, she would have held the title of Secerdos, a title borne by both male and female clerics in the Religio Romana (Roman religion).


Ilithyia (to Lucretia) "I've heard of a woman, a priestess of Juno, blessed with certain gifts of fertility. Many prominent women speak of her. Servillia, Cornelia, Laelia.. "