Pit Fighter
Bez tytułu 5
First appearance S2E02: A Place In This World
Last appearance S2E02: A Place In This World
Profession Pit Fighter
Race Celt
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by Oenomaus)
Actor/Actress Andrew B. Stehlin
This big and agressive man is a fighter of The Pit.

Character OutlineEdit

A fighter in The Pit, he a battle-hungry fighter, as are most fighters that are condemned to fight in The Pits. He uses Caestus as weapon.


In The Pit, he fought against Oenomaus when the champions was a young boy, even before being a Gladiator. He´s beating the young man but he always rises again, by the end the Pit Fighter is tired of the fight and gets brutally killed by Oenomaus, stabbing him on the neck, face and eyes.