Pit Assassin 01
First appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Last appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Profession Assassin
Race Unknown
Relationships Remus (Dominus, Deceased)
Ovidius (Employer, Deceased)
Pit Assassin 02 (Comrade, Deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Barca)
Actor/Actress Uncredited

This unnamed character is a former slave sold to Ovidius for his intentions of killing Batiatus at the Pits. He's seen at the Pits drinking and watching the deadly fights as many other romans, but during the fight between Spartacus and Ixion, he and his comrade try to kill Batiatus, but they fail. The first is killed by Barca and the second is killed by Spartacus after he killed Ixion.

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