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First appearance S1E02: Sacramentum Gladiatorum
Last appearance S1E07: Great and Unfortunate Things
Profession Servant (House of Batiatus)
Race Egyptian
Relationships Quintus Lentulus Batiatus (Dominus, deceased)
Barca (Lover, deceased)
Gnaeus (Rapist, deceased)
Oenomaus (Friend, deceased)
Spartacus (Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Suicide)
Actor/Actress Eka Darville

Pietros is a slave in Batiatus' Ludus, serving the gladiators and as Doctore's assistant of sorts.


Pietros is more slender than the gladiators, but has a somewhat toned build. He has dark skin and curly dark brown natural hair, and wears a distinctive necklace. He also possesses the brand of Batiatus, something only Gladiators have.


Pietros is Barca's lover. Although not much is seen of them together, the feelings between them appear to be both physical and emotional, as Barca's rough, manly demeanour softens when around Pietros. They share a cell and keep pigeons as pets, whose company Pietros enjoys. He serves the gladiators and is a servant to the household in general. His history and how he ended up in the ludus and with Barca are unknown.

He's shown to be kind-hearted on various occasions such as when he provided a bowl of Porridge and mug of water to a disgraced Spartacus while he was being forced to fight in the pits. 

Blood and Sand[]

Pietros is a slave in the House of Batiatus, serving the gladiators by getting their armor, weapons and water if they need it. He resides under Barca's protection from the other gladiators in the ludus. They have the privilege of sleeping in the same cell and share an intimate relationship. 

Pietros with Barca.

When Spartacus arrived at the ludus, Pietros was the only one to show him any kindness, bringing him water and food when he desperately needed it. 

With Barca, he dreams of freedom, but the two mention nothing of it to anyone else. When Barca finally asks Batiatus about him earning their freedom, Batiatus questions Barca on the nature of a rivals' son he ordered to be killed. Pietros had revealed earlier to Batiatus that Barca did not kill the boy, but Barca had lied to him and only told him that he did not kill him because Pietros would have been upset. 

Pietros and Barca.

However, Ashur's actions lead Batiatus to believe that Barca told Pietros the truth and that he allowed Ovidius' son to escape. Batiatus is then forced to have Barca be killed for lying and for his disloyalty. Pietros is told that Barca left without him, unable to buy both of their freedom.[1] This leaves him both heartbroken and lonely, and he soon becomes prey to Gnaeus who ultimately makes him a punching bag and a whore for himself. Eventually, this is too much for Pietros and so he hangs himself with a horrified Spartacus and Varro discovering this sight shortly after.

Spartacus would then assault and eventually kill the gloating Gnaeus for this due to Pietros' kindness and Spartacus' hatred of seeing him abused.[2]

Naevia would then take care of Pietros' pet birds after his death.


  • Eka Darville, the actor who played Pietros is 185cm tall or 6'1", making him taller than most of the actors playing gladiators. Camera tricks were used to make him appear shorter.
  • Interestingly, Pietros bears the Mark Of The Brotherhood shown in the episode "Delicate Things" despite being a house slave and not a gladiator.
  • Eka Darville's character shares an interest in birds- in the children's show Power Rangers R.P.M, Darville portrayed red eagle ranger.
    • Pietros is the first of the two characters played by actors that had been Power Rangers, the other being Laeta.
  • Pietros may be an alternative spelling of the Greek name Petros, meaning 'rock', and the etymological root of the name Peter.
    • Pietros' job designation may be Baiulus, which translates as 'bearer' or 'porter'.


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