Spartacus Wiki
First appearance S0E04: Beneath The Mask
Last appearance S0E04: Beneath The Mask
Profession Merchant
Race Roman
Relationships Varus (Friend)
Status Unknown (presumed active)
Actor/Actress David E. Woodley

Petronius is a merchant of Capua and friend of Varus. He appears exclusively in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Character Outline[]

Petronius is a tall and thin with short black hair and wears an attire that befits that of a wealthy merchant. Despite his status he appears to have a mindset towards more intimate desires.

Gods of the Arena[]

Gaia and Lucretia first spot Petronius in the Capua marketplace. While they attempt to gauge him into gaining an attraction towards Gaia, he takes a greater eye at the fact the Lucretia is married to Quintus Lentulus Batiatus and expresses interest in the more "exotic" wares of the ludus, which he heard of from his friends, Varus and Cossutius.

In order to gain further favor and position in the Opening Games of the New Arena, Batiatus has Gaia and his wife attend to the desires of Petronius and his friends (Who are all of noble prestige). Granting Petronius and his friends with several delights of pleasure, including wine and opium, they allow them to have an orgy with slaves of their choosing while wearing the masks of the Gods. Petronius himself, wears the mask of Jupiter.

After their desires is sated, he is escorted by Lucretia out of the ludus. He then remarks how he would enjoy seeing the gladiators in the opening games before taking his leave, thus proving the night successful.


  • Petronius may be related to the Gens Petronia, Plebeian clan of Etruscan and Umbrian descent who were first recorded in Rome during the reign of Tarquinus Superbus, Rome's last king.
  • The Latin term for merchant was Mercator.
  • As a member of the local elite in Capua, Petronius may have been an Eques (Equestrian class) and possibly one of the Publicani (Roman tax-collectors and money-lenders).
  • Petronius' association with Quintilius Varus may be due in part to him being a social client of a Roman of Senatorial rank.